Monday, 31 December 2012

New Years Eve 2012

Well here we are on the cusp of the old year of 2012 and  looking forward to 2013. As you do at this time of the year I am looking back and reflecting. And for me, what a year its been. I guess you could say its been the best year of my life. And that in  a very big part is because of the 'C'. Without it I would never have travelled so extensively as I have this year, I would never have had the experiences or the memories. In January I did my Master of Mediumship in Newcastle with Simon Goodfellow and a chance to catch up with Suzi and Karen. Then a stand at the MBS fair to let people know I was back in business. Dennis's birthday party in February, a real snowy night.
My travels started in February with a return to Nepal and included that wonderful stay at the Menri Monastry where we watched the day long celebrations for Losher the Tibetan New Year and met and talked with his Holiness and the young monks. Wonderful, fascinating.  The 4 hour train journey up high into the Himalayas to Shimla, pulsating Delhi. The tranquility of Lumbini - Buddha's birthplace.
In March I had a second Tattoo done, a Blue Lotus that we had found on the Yogi Temple at Menri. And a wonderful Reiki weekend with Suzi and Emma.
Then in April a Meditation Teachers course and then off to Bali to experience Niskala and dance in trance with a powerful energetic healer. To suddenly discover after all these years that I can put my head underwater and survive ! As we swam underwater up rivers and into waterfalls to drink the healing water as part of a very powerful re- birthing ceremony.  To discover one of my past lives as a Gladiator ( which makes perfect sense now) as a healer read my Aura and energy. To climb up and up into open air temples to participate in Hindu ceremonies under the moonlight. Magical, enchanting., unexplainable. I can back with very Blue eyes and a renewed zest for life.
Then to Morocco in June for a restful holiday and a chance to lie by the pool and read , I found a wonderful book that helped me to make sense of some of the Bali experiences, and to plan future trips. On our return we spend a weekend in Manchester where I saw the Dalai Lama, such an inspirational man. I learnt a few things that weekend.
At the end of the month myself, Emma and Karen met up in Stoke to attend a Bars class, something we had experienced in Bali and now wanted to do for ourselves.
In July the second MBS Fair and a little work !
In August we had a few days in Ravenscar near Whitby and I did a little work !
September we visited Glastonbury and met up with Emma once again and I got to visit Lyme Regis, a place I had always wanted to go to since I was a fossil mad 7 year old.
At the end of the month we went to Spain. Dennis stayed by the pool whilst I attended a Physical Mediumship course, what an experience that was ! 
October was a quiet month, did a little work!

In November we travelled to Thailand, we saw ladyboys in Bangkok, the beautiful Grand Palace and the Reclining Buddha, we flew to Chiang Mai and experienced a Tuk Tuk ride and participated in Monks chat at the Chedi.  We lit sky lanterns on the riverbank and dodged firecrackers thrown by the local teenagers. We were blessed by monks in the many temples we wandered into. Then to the Beach, which was not what we hoped it would be but nonetheless it was enjoyable. The sea was so warm and we had a midnight skinny dipping session, just like a couple of kids! Then back to Bangkok to buy a huge Buddha that poor Dennis had to carry home, and Loy Krathong. That last night was magical, I think one of the best nights of my life. A river cruise with dinner in a wonderful carnival atmosphere. Sky lanterns filled the full moon sky and a huge firework display at one of the huge bridges. Then down into the bottom of the boat to float our own Loy Krathong out into the river, to give thanks to the River Goddess.
21st December found us back in Glastonbury to celebrate the ' end of time' with Emma at the Tor. Such a lovely day, the sun shone ( the day previous and the one after was torrential rain) as about 500 of us chanted ' Om' for 4 minutes at 11.11am the point of solstice.  Amazing feeling of peace, happiness and oneness and a load of giggles as we saw ourselves being as crazy as all the other crankies !!
So how does it get better than that? I have no idea.  Who would have thought on New Years Eve 2011 I would ever have the energy to get to Nepal?, I didnt ! Let alone the rest of my journies. If I had listened to the medical advice I would have just stayed at home and worked and then had my re-construction. A whole wonderful year would have been lost. I am so glad I listened to my heart and ignored my head. My experiences have introduced me to new friends and to exotic places, to the weird and the wonderful, so I suppose in a strange way I do have to be grateful to the ' C' for its visit. As for 2013? If 2011 was my summer of learning, 2012 my summer of living, I guess 2013 should be my summer of  loving- now what do you think that means?