Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Wet wet wet

Our day off and its pouring- has been all day. So we are in the shed trying to sort out and book our hotels for Thailand. I must admit I am feeling pretty excited. We have decided to spend 4 nights in Bangkok so we can visit the Temples and shop, then fly to Chiang Mai for 5 days in the North just to sight see and experience the North Thai food and culture. Then get a taxi from Bangkok to Koh Samui for 11 days to experience the beach. Then back to Bangkok for a final couple of nights before we fly home. The best bit is that I can do all my Christmas shopping there. So be warned friends, I guess you will all be getting a Buddha for Christmas! 
In the meantime we are preparing for a busy week in the shop before we head down to Glastonbury for a couple of days and meet up with Emma at Lyme Regis where we can hunt for fossils and catch up. Then we have a couple of days at home before we head out to Spain for 10 days so that I can attend the physical meduimship course, complete with seances. Cant wait for that either !! Oh and somewhere in amongst that I have a check up with the Oncologist. Phew.
Its great being back doing my therapies, really enjoying doing the Bars and getting good feedback. I also had a Reiki session with one of my old customers who is elderly. She loved it and floated out of the shop after saying that she got a really strong scent of flowers from somewhere. I think that as I was thinking of Bali she got the smell of the Melukat flowers as she said she had no idea what the flowers could be. Isnt it great when two people can link up psychically. Such a great experience I had forgotten how lovely it can be. I would add though that my Reiki energy feels much stronger, I think my experiences in Bali ramped that up. Have also been contacted by a lady who wants to become a Reiki Master - no idea when I can fit that in, although I have tentively suggested October.  My most popular therapy is massage, typical when thats the one I really want to break away from. I just have to get it across to people that energy work is as good if not better than massage.........


Monday, 27 August 2012

Happy Bank Holiday

Well this is it ! The last of the bank holidays for the year and as usual the weather could have been better.  Not so much happening over the last few days, except I have been dreaming of Bali - still.
The next trip has been drawn up and circulated for April 2013. I guess I shall be there.
In the meantime we have decided not to go to Goa as the Universe kept putting obstacles in the way. So we have now decided to go to Thailand, and its a definate as the flights have been booked. We are going for three weeks and shall be exploring the temples of Bangkok followed by a trip up north to Chiang Mai, then down to a beach to rest and sunbathe. So hopefully we shall both be pleased. Me with the temples, Dennis with lazing on the beach.
It shall be a wonderful way to round off my year of living, I have seen and learnt so much this year. So much that I had never thought I would experience. It truly has been a great year. My only concern is how I can improve on it in the years to come. It really will pose a problem for me. In fact I'm not really sure how I will manage to settle down again.  But I will let the Universe decide that, I shall just go with the flow.......

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Summer bug

After having a wonderful time in Whitby  last week we have sucumbed to a horrible bug. Mine started on Saturday with a bit of a sore throat that got worse and ended up with me in bed by 5pm. Since then Ive had a real runny nose and now a cough. Dennis has got it as well so we have spent the whole day in the shed feeling sorry for ourselves. Its the first time Ive been really unwell since Chemo and as usual developing a temperature on Saturday night threw me into a bit of a panic. However I am over it now, although I am feeling weak still. At least I know its a ' normal' bug and nothing to worry about. But you see thats the point now, any little thing sends me into a reeling panic. But accepting that will happen helps me to deal with it. I just have to get on with it and get over it.

Looks like we are definately going to Spain in August so I can attend the Physical mediumship course. We have found a nice apartment on a golf complex so will be self catering for a change, which will be good. If apparently has its own Jacuzzi- oh I can see me now- Cava in hand lying in the Jacuzzi after a hard day at the seminar. Dennis feeding me Olives. Brilliant. Still have to firm up Goa in November, which we still intend to do, just felt too ill to arrange ( shows you how poorly we felt).

Have a few treatments this week, but thankful its been quite quiet as I would not have been able to do them. Funny how something so simple can knock you for six isnt it?

Friday, 10 August 2012

Weird Whitby

Ok so all we wanted was a nice couple of days in Whitby, to walk along the beach that started it all. The place where I got my inspiration to start my journey for real. As part of our 'ritual' we always have chips for lunch by the Sea wall. As I lent against the fence overlooking the harbour I was suddenly aware of huge wings coming at me and surrounding me. My chips were bounced in my hands and as I let out a suprised wail it was all over. And no it was not a visit from an Angelic presence but a huge Seagull that had decided to mug me for my lunch. A very kind man had seen it all happen and came over to ask me if I was Ok, which of course I was, just a little startled.
Then we walked over to the Pier. The Pier in Whitby is quite a long twisty one.  As we walked along I think I must have disapeared into ' the void' as the next thing I knew was that I was standing at the very end looking out to sea. I was crying and I remember feeling homesick. By then Dennis had caught up with me and said I had just speeded up and walked in a real straight line to the end, he hadnt tried to keep up as he wanted to see what happened. He didnt know what to say and neither did I as the tears were not mine. I was not the one feeling homesick and within a minute that feeling had completely vanished and we just stood and laughed.  Dennis did mention that at first he was afraid that I would not stop but just simply dive nto the sea. As for me -one minute I was at the beginning of the Pier and the next I was in tears at the end. Weird Weird Weird.  What is happening. And my eyes were lit up again, according to Dennis. But I must say that I am now able to know this for myself as my vision becomes much sharper, I can actually feel when it happens. It happened again after I had bought my little Balinese statue, a temple guardian, that I found in a shop in Whitby. When we got back into our hotel room I was aware that everything looked brighter. When I looked into the mirror something else was looking back at me. I mean I know it was me. But my eyes really did look as though I had those luminous eye contacts in.  Anyhow on a more normal note we had a really good couple of days, we walked along the beach each day to Sandsend and back, which is quite a way. The weather was perfect for once. And I really enjoyed paddling in the sea, something that is a recent discovery for me, since Bali I guess, which I think is were all this Weirdness started. And I got my little Balinese Temple Guardian- how Weird is that ??