Friday, 10 August 2012

Weird Whitby

Ok so all we wanted was a nice couple of days in Whitby, to walk along the beach that started it all. The place where I got my inspiration to start my journey for real. As part of our 'ritual' we always have chips for lunch by the Sea wall. As I lent against the fence overlooking the harbour I was suddenly aware of huge wings coming at me and surrounding me. My chips were bounced in my hands and as I let out a suprised wail it was all over. And no it was not a visit from an Angelic presence but a huge Seagull that had decided to mug me for my lunch. A very kind man had seen it all happen and came over to ask me if I was Ok, which of course I was, just a little startled.
Then we walked over to the Pier. The Pier in Whitby is quite a long twisty one.  As we walked along I think I must have disapeared into ' the void' as the next thing I knew was that I was standing at the very end looking out to sea. I was crying and I remember feeling homesick. By then Dennis had caught up with me and said I had just speeded up and walked in a real straight line to the end, he hadnt tried to keep up as he wanted to see what happened. He didnt know what to say and neither did I as the tears were not mine. I was not the one feeling homesick and within a minute that feeling had completely vanished and we just stood and laughed.  Dennis did mention that at first he was afraid that I would not stop but just simply dive nto the sea. As for me -one minute I was at the beginning of the Pier and the next I was in tears at the end. Weird Weird Weird.  What is happening. And my eyes were lit up again, according to Dennis. But I must say that I am now able to know this for myself as my vision becomes much sharper, I can actually feel when it happens. It happened again after I had bought my little Balinese statue, a temple guardian, that I found in a shop in Whitby. When we got back into our hotel room I was aware that everything looked brighter. When I looked into the mirror something else was looking back at me. I mean I know it was me. But my eyes really did look as though I had those luminous eye contacts in.  Anyhow on a more normal note we had a really good couple of days, we walked along the beach each day to Sandsend and back, which is quite a way. The weather was perfect for once. And I really enjoyed paddling in the sea, something that is a recent discovery for me, since Bali I guess, which I think is were all this Weirdness started. And I got my little Balinese Temple Guardian- how Weird is that ??

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