Monday, 27 August 2012

Happy Bank Holiday

Well this is it ! The last of the bank holidays for the year and as usual the weather could have been better.  Not so much happening over the last few days, except I have been dreaming of Bali - still.
The next trip has been drawn up and circulated for April 2013. I guess I shall be there.
In the meantime we have decided not to go to Goa as the Universe kept putting obstacles in the way. So we have now decided to go to Thailand, and its a definate as the flights have been booked. We are going for three weeks and shall be exploring the temples of Bangkok followed by a trip up north to Chiang Mai, then down to a beach to rest and sunbathe. So hopefully we shall both be pleased. Me with the temples, Dennis with lazing on the beach.
It shall be a wonderful way to round off my year of living, I have seen and learnt so much this year. So much that I had never thought I would experience. It truly has been a great year. My only concern is how I can improve on it in the years to come. It really will pose a problem for me. In fact I'm not really sure how I will manage to settle down again.  But I will let the Universe decide that, I shall just go with the flow.......

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