Friday, 25 October 2013

Catch Up

A good friend pointed out to me last evening that I have not posted on this site since March !! Time has flown and many things have happened since my last blog so here goes an attempt to bring you up to speed. I didn't get my Op in July, I postponed it and it will now happen in January 2014.   I returned to Bali and had a quite different experience from last time. On my first night back at the Ashram with Ebu I had some sort of entity enter me and I was vaguely aware of healing a Balinese man who had arrived at the Ashram, brought by his family for healing.  It was an amazing experience as this spirit bent me over double and made my hands go all wibbly, my breathing came in raspy hissing breathes. Once I gave up trying to hold it back and let it come through it felt much easier. When it finished with me I ended up on the floor and when they helped me to the side to get some air I was on fire and felt quite sick. I do often feel sick with energy so I knew it would pass, which it did.  Ebu said it was some kind of Earth spirit who had wanted to heal the Balinese man. It was also my Birthday so I felt it was a gift from spirit for me. I also received a lot of healing from the various healers and had other weird experiences all of which I believe helped me immensely. I came back differently than before. Much calmer and settled and that feeling has continued. I also feel my energy has changed and this is showing in my healing too.  I have no wish to return back to Bali, but I will always treasure the many memories I have and I feel there will always be a little bit of Bali left in me. I got on very well with the American ladies and we all keep in touch via Facebook, our joint experiences create a link that distance can no longer bar thanks to the internet.
I have become a volunteer for Breast Cancer Care UK. I am a one to one telephone support worker, which basically means I speak to other ladies going through similar treatment to my own in an effort to help them face their fears. Its very rewarding work and I enjoy it, although of course it does mean I am continuously re living my own experiences. However I'm OK with that as it means I can help someone else.
Before I went to Bali I created a Ganeshe garden, with the help of my friends which I am very happy with and enjoy the view from my shed, although no the weather is changing I guess there wont be many more days out there this year.
And lastly we have a new edition to our family, A Chihuahua I have called Mindu in honour of the beautiful Tibetan Mastiff I spent time with at the Hotel at the End of the Universe in Nagakot on my first visit to Nepal. He is quite a character and at only 10 weeks old quite a challenge with regard to his training!!
Well I hope that has brought you up to speed. I will endeavour to re start my postings and not leave such long gaps. Oh and I guess I should finish by saying I am still in remission and feeling good !!