Thursday, 26 April 2012

Bali Hali

Well its nearly here. Nearly time to leave for Bali. Somehow I felt I would never get to this point, I suppose I was too afraid to think I would be ok and well enough to go. Now I am allowing myself to feel excited and to accept the journey that the Universe has planned for me. This is no ordinary holiday, this is stepping into the unknown world of spirit as I have never experienced before. This is heavyweight.  This is going to take me completely out of my comfort zone. I shall be handing my body over for spirits to inhabit, to dance as Shiva, Durka, Kali or some other Hindu deity. Something for me as a bit of a control freak is going to be quite a challenge. But what an opportunity !! Cant help thinking what they are going to make of my body. Its going to be an experience for them too I reckon!  Anyhow I am going to be supported by two of my amazing friends, we will all be in it together. A little enclave of the Reiki Ravers !  I am taking my netbook so Wi Fi willing I shall update my blog as often as I can and I will endeavour to be as honest as I can in explaining all the experiences as they happen.  I shall be leaving on Sunday and arriving in Bali on Monday lunchtime local time. I still can hardly believe its nearly here.
So much happening, I have decided to go ahead and create another treatment room in the shop, which I would like doing in the two weeks between Bali and Casablanca so that I can make sure it turns out how I want it to. I am trying to find venues for my meditation groups. I am going to have a stand at the MBS fair in July to promote my new business.  I am going to the two day teachings of the Dalai Lama in Manchester in June. Phew. What more can I do ?? I feel that I am travelling at 100 miles per hour, but I am enjoying it, and definately being driven and being given the energy to cope with it. Apparently I am supposed to still feel fatiqued etc. Luckily it doesnt happen very often. When it does I just flop until it passes, but to be honest its hardly anything. I believe the Universe is helping me out with this just like it has done all along.  Anyhow thats me off, on a journey of a lifetime, supported by the Universe ..........

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Times running out

How exciting life's becoming. Lots of different opportunities presenting themselves. I have no idea which way to turn. So am handing it back to the Universe and asking it to point the way forward, afterall  I have plenty of time. There is no rush. I am on and off holiday for the next 6 weeks !! So have decided to relax, although my mind is on overdrive. Am waking regularly at 4am, wide awake. Not stressing or anything, I just get loads of stuff in my head. It appears to be my most creative time of day. Then of course once 8am gets here I am fast alseep. Ah well, again I am hoping Bali might address that. We shall see.
Loads yet to do to prepare for Bali. Its been difficult this week as one of our girls is off sick, so I have been manning the shop for the morning shift. So no holiday stuff done. Its no problem though, it will get done this week. I did get my Hep A innoculation though, so thats taken care of.  2012 is flying for me. I just keep running out of time. Its so weird, but I know its the same for a lot of others too. I can only do what I can do, anything else gets left as its obviously not important !!
Anyhow must dash off, got the house to clean and then have to rescue my suitcase from the bowels of my garage .....

Friday, 13 April 2012

Past Life Regression

Ok guys here it is.
As you know I felt quite skeptical about being hypnotised, let alone trust anything that came through. However bear with me and humour me for a bit.  Peter Wall the hypnotist is a nice chap very jolly. He explained that I would be aware of everything that was happening and that should an experience become too much, he would get me out of there if I gave the signal. However he said that he would try to ensure that my regression would go to a very happy time.
We settled down in big squashy chairs, he gave me headphones with a mike to wear ( it was all recorded) and he began by talking to me, telling me to relax, and that we were going on a journey. Halfway through this  I started to feel a little niggle under my ribs, you know how it is. You feel a little uncomfortable but nothing a little shuffle wont fix. At this point I was convinced it was not working.  Down, down we went until he said at last ' 3 more steps and the last will take you onto grass' as my foot touched the grass, the niggle disapeared, as he took me through the final stages my body no longer existed, then it began. I was in a room filled with old style wood furniture. When Peter asked me I told him I was wearing a grey dress. I was also wearing white stockings and black shoes. My head was covered in some sort of wimple thing. When he asked, I told him I was quite small - 7 years old. He asked me to go to the window and I saw a huge ornate garden filled with hedges cut into animals and shapes, like the formal gardens we see at old houses today. He then said we should go outside, I felt I was not allowed to go out and when we did get outside I found myself crying and saying I was frightened. The thing is ' I' really was frightened. Under further questioning by Peter ' I' revealed my name was Anne, I did not belong in the house, if fact I was brought here by carriage in the middle of the night from London. I felt that no one here liked me. I spent a lot of time on my own- although a had a teacher and could read and write. I was able to tell Peter the year was 1566! Peter asked me what my surname was. I 'knew' I could/ should not tell him.  He told me to ask one of the gardeners as they would know. I was really afraid to ask and when I did they just said 'go back inside miss Annie' . Peter asked about my parents, I said my mothers name was Mary, my fathers John. He asked if my mother was pretty and what colour hair she had. It was auburn. As was mine.  He asked if my house was big I said I thought it was bigger than the one I'm in now. He asked if I was important, I said I didnt feel important but I felt that the servants and everyone else here thought I was. All through this I felt very sad and lonely. I told him that I believed that either myself or my family had done something wrong and that was why I was here. Although I didnt know what. ( Inside I felt it was something to do with religion, but again felt I should not say it.! ) He asked if I had a title. I said yes it was Lady, but no one here called me that and I did not speak about it. He then insisted that if I asked the gardeners again what my surname was they would have to tell me. So I asked again, I told him it began with 'H' but when the time came I said Hargreaves but inside I felt I was lying, although I have no idea what it really was. I just felt it had been told to me over and over again not to tell, on pain of death. It was that important! He then took me back to ' the bridge' . I stepped on as Anne but stepped off as Bronia. Then he took me back over the bridge and when he snapped his fingers I was a 14 year old boy fishing in the river Trent in 1918. My name was Jack Turner and I lived in Bawtry ( about 30 miles away from where we are now) I told Peter school had finished for the day and I was fishing for fun with an old rod. Dressed in boots and old trousers wearing a hat because it was a sunny day with lots of flies. I told him I didnt like girls as they laughed at me and my other friends in my gang and that we enjoyed riding down the hill in the village on our bikes.  He asked me what I wanted to do when I left school and I said that I wanted to be a carpenter as I was not good at lessons. He then said should we go back to my house, once there I gutted and cleaned the fish for my mother called Lucy. My father, Fred was away at war, in France but he would soon be coming home and I couldnt wait to hear his adventures.  ( I felt really happy through all this and very sure of myself, although I felt I was a slow learner)  He then said we should go back to the bridge and before we went over he asked me who he was and was I not afraid to speak to a stranger, I said no of course not I'm a big boy! Back over the bridge I was around in no time.
Once home I listened again to the tape, when Ann cried I did too, it still hurt. You can hear the unhappiness in her voice. Jack was a different feeling alltogether, very self assured. When Dennis listened he said it hardly sounds like me. When I' m Ann I very unsure and timid.
Anyhow true to form I  decided to put both names in Google. Not much for Ann although I did find a John Hargreaves in 1566. However Jack Turner in Bawtry brought a bit more. There are a lot of Turners in Bawtry and I have found Jack Turner on a WW2 war memorial in a place called Rossington. This is the next village up from Bawtry on the A638 maybe 10 miles away !!  OMG I was spooked. I couldnt understand how I could be alive in 1918 and then again in 1959. If however I died in WW2 it becomes more plausible, even though it seems a quick turnaround!.
Dennis and I are going to Bawtry at some point to clarify this as this is not going to go away without further research and it has left both of us with a lot on unanswered questions, and me a little spooked.
As a footnote- For quite a few years, and really upto when I moved into this house I had frequent night terrors. I would be screaming, calling Dennis for help. I never knew why but always felt in incredible life threatening danger. Last night for the first time in a very long time, that dream returned, was that Ann, Dennis says he thinks its more likely Jack.  Whatever, whoever, I pray that was a one off. .....  Off to Scarborough tomorrow on Meditation Teaches course !

Monday, 9 April 2012

Happy Easter

Was in my shop the other day and glanced up at my OM - on the wall. When I realised that I can create another treatment room. By knocking out a few bits I can make this happen. Why didnt I see it before ?
I guess I wasnt ready, but now, after the bored thing, I feel I am ready to get back into the saddle. Only on a part time basis though and not doing full body massages. Am thinking of finding a beautician or nail person to share the room with me.  I will not start until after all my holidays, but I am seriously thinking about it. Weird isnt it? Obviously I am scared that if I make the commitment it could come back, but that applies to everything I do. IT could come back without my doing anything anyhow. I have to live with that. But I have to live ! So will get Steve our builder to come in and give me his opinion this week and will go on from there.
Countdown to Bali begins, we leave on the 29th. Lots to do before then. Have past life regression on Thursday and Meditation teachers course at the weekend.  I am starting to make a pile for Bali as there are quite a lot of bits that I need to take. I have already got my antiboitics,  so wont forget them this time. Hopefully. And today as its pouring with rain we are off into town to get a few more items, including a set of swimming googles ( as I have found out that I have to swim under water in one of the ceremonies in Bali). I have NEVER swum under water, as I am scared. I think this will become an interesting part of the holiday, am hoping the gooogles will help.  When we get back from Bali I have 13 days to turn around before I go to Casablanca. Just enough time to get my stuff washed I guess.
So am hoping that by the beginning of July I shall be back in business. Watch this space !

Thursday, 5 April 2012


I am bored, I have loads to do but no inclination to do anything, just feel really lazy. Cant even go for a walk because I,m waiting for a delivery.  At least the weather is better today, the sun is shining.  I think I'm just counting down to Bali. After this weekend I will be busy doing stuff and then before I know it I shall be sitting in Bali having freezing cold water poured over my head in an effort to open my Crown Chakra. Thing is my crown opens as soon as I start meditating so I dont think I need cold water to get me started, however I dont somehow think it will get me out of it. So I shall embrace it as part of the experience. Shall endeavour to get photo's taken at the appropriate time so that I may share the experience with you.  Still need to go shopping for white blouse's that I shall need for the Temple ceremony and  sun tan lotions, but thats on my list for next week.   So still bored.
Thats my delivery turned up. I am now free to leave the house. Shall get dressed and go out for a walk and enjoy the sunshine. Then have a potter around the garden and spend a couple of hours in my shed reading. See suddenly everythings changed. I dont have to be tied down waiting for something. Just proves I am a free spirit I suppose...

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Stormy Weather

What a night, the wind and rain was howling around us. I got up at 4 am as something was crashing and banging, couldnt see what it was and went back to bed. Couldnt get back to sleep so did my usual Reiki stuff, sending healing to my friends and animals and to the Universe, and receiving it back.  Now this morning I feel really tired.  Just lack of sleep though, nothing else.
I need to get my hair cut, sounds a strange thing to say, but its gone all fuzzy and kinky and I cant do a thing with it, so that needs to be arranged today!! As its raining and we are both off we have decided to go out for lunch as a treat, which will be good, except I need a hat to cover my wierd hairdo !!!
Looking at the Stats for this blog I am amazed at the number of poeple who are reading it and where they come from. USA, Russia, India, Hong Kong, Latvia , all over. How did you find me?? I would love to know, come on, add a comment. Let me know a little about you. It would be great to get some feedback.