Saturday, 21 April 2012

Times running out

How exciting life's becoming. Lots of different opportunities presenting themselves. I have no idea which way to turn. So am handing it back to the Universe and asking it to point the way forward, afterall  I have plenty of time. There is no rush. I am on and off holiday for the next 6 weeks !! So have decided to relax, although my mind is on overdrive. Am waking regularly at 4am, wide awake. Not stressing or anything, I just get loads of stuff in my head. It appears to be my most creative time of day. Then of course once 8am gets here I am fast alseep. Ah well, again I am hoping Bali might address that. We shall see.
Loads yet to do to prepare for Bali. Its been difficult this week as one of our girls is off sick, so I have been manning the shop for the morning shift. So no holiday stuff done. Its no problem though, it will get done this week. I did get my Hep A innoculation though, so thats taken care of.  2012 is flying for me. I just keep running out of time. Its so weird, but I know its the same for a lot of others too. I can only do what I can do, anything else gets left as its obviously not important !!
Anyhow must dash off, got the house to clean and then have to rescue my suitcase from the bowels of my garage .....

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