Monday, 9 April 2012

Happy Easter

Was in my shop the other day and glanced up at my OM - on the wall. When I realised that I can create another treatment room. By knocking out a few bits I can make this happen. Why didnt I see it before ?
I guess I wasnt ready, but now, after the bored thing, I feel I am ready to get back into the saddle. Only on a part time basis though and not doing full body massages. Am thinking of finding a beautician or nail person to share the room with me.  I will not start until after all my holidays, but I am seriously thinking about it. Weird isnt it? Obviously I am scared that if I make the commitment it could come back, but that applies to everything I do. IT could come back without my doing anything anyhow. I have to live with that. But I have to live ! So will get Steve our builder to come in and give me his opinion this week and will go on from there.
Countdown to Bali begins, we leave on the 29th. Lots to do before then. Have past life regression on Thursday and Meditation teachers course at the weekend.  I am starting to make a pile for Bali as there are quite a lot of bits that I need to take. I have already got my antiboitics,  so wont forget them this time. Hopefully. And today as its pouring with rain we are off into town to get a few more items, including a set of swimming googles ( as I have found out that I have to swim under water in one of the ceremonies in Bali). I have NEVER swum under water, as I am scared. I think this will become an interesting part of the holiday, am hoping the gooogles will help.  When we get back from Bali I have 13 days to turn around before I go to Casablanca. Just enough time to get my stuff washed I guess.
So am hoping that by the beginning of July I shall be back in business. Watch this space !

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