Thursday, 26 April 2012

Bali Hali

Well its nearly here. Nearly time to leave for Bali. Somehow I felt I would never get to this point, I suppose I was too afraid to think I would be ok and well enough to go. Now I am allowing myself to feel excited and to accept the journey that the Universe has planned for me. This is no ordinary holiday, this is stepping into the unknown world of spirit as I have never experienced before. This is heavyweight.  This is going to take me completely out of my comfort zone. I shall be handing my body over for spirits to inhabit, to dance as Shiva, Durka, Kali or some other Hindu deity. Something for me as a bit of a control freak is going to be quite a challenge. But what an opportunity !! Cant help thinking what they are going to make of my body. Its going to be an experience for them too I reckon!  Anyhow I am going to be supported by two of my amazing friends, we will all be in it together. A little enclave of the Reiki Ravers !  I am taking my netbook so Wi Fi willing I shall update my blog as often as I can and I will endeavour to be as honest as I can in explaining all the experiences as they happen.  I shall be leaving on Sunday and arriving in Bali on Monday lunchtime local time. I still can hardly believe its nearly here.
So much happening, I have decided to go ahead and create another treatment room in the shop, which I would like doing in the two weeks between Bali and Casablanca so that I can make sure it turns out how I want it to. I am trying to find venues for my meditation groups. I am going to have a stand at the MBS fair in July to promote my new business.  I am going to the two day teachings of the Dalai Lama in Manchester in June. Phew. What more can I do ?? I feel that I am travelling at 100 miles per hour, but I am enjoying it, and definately being driven and being given the energy to cope with it. Apparently I am supposed to still feel fatiqued etc. Luckily it doesnt happen very often. When it does I just flop until it passes, but to be honest its hardly anything. I believe the Universe is helping me out with this just like it has done all along.  Anyhow thats me off, on a journey of a lifetime, supported by the Universe ..........

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