Tuesday, 1 May 2012

First Day

OMG what can I say?? Two firsts today. This morning I got my swimming googles on and within minutes I was swimming under water. An hour later I was able to swim a lenght !! Me !! Unbelievable hey Dennis?? An then after lunch we went to visit our first healer at her Ashram. She was amazing, charismatic, charming despite the fact she speaks no English. As she gifted us our temple sashes and Ken was interperating, she told me I was beautiful and that I had an amazing clean aura.
Then the dancing started, we all went with the flow, a couple of minutes later she danced upto me and blew into my face. I stepped backwards as I felt the energy. Then she did it again and the next thing I knew I was laying on the floor feeling waves of energy wash over me, utterly mind blowing. Eventually someone splashed water on me and helped me to stand up. She then said the energy I brought in was a Mermaid energy. Which I guess tied in with the feeling I had. Then we continued to dance some more I felt really happy and childlike and light. Then we sat down as she channelled her ancestor ' Ratunia' . Her complete personar changed. Her face became fuller, her assistants gave her tobacco to chew and a cigaret to smoke. She started to speak to each of us, it was all very funny and light. Then she pointed right at me and said her ancester wanted my spirit to smoke with them. Everybody laughed. Ken said I wouldnt have to inhale it just go through the motions. I havnt smoked for about 25 years. When they handed me the cigerette I immediately took a big draw on it and inhaled right down into my lungs. It was heavenly. Now anybody who has smoked will know that a first cigarette will definately make you choke. But no sir this was heavenly. Wow how mad was that. !! She - or her tobacco spitting ancestor keep grinning and nodding at me. Then it was time for the healing as each of us went to her. When she placed her hands on me I went completely limp, I ended up with my forehead resting on her knee. The energy was so peaceful and strong.
Then she announced that it would be amusing for the ancestor to watch us dance with fans. So a assistance brought fans in for each of us and someone out on Om Mani Padme Hum. I was away, brilliant. We were all laughing as we twisted and turned in time to the music. Then it was time for our golden coconut Melukat. I went first. She stood at the alter and poured the coconut water into my hands and then onto my head. Next thing I was back on the floor . Wow. I felt really wonderful.
This is our first day, as usual we are all getting on wonderfully. Theres been lots of laughs and hugging, and a few tears. At the end she said that I and Emma share the same energy, which made us both cry , haha. Now tomorrow we start at 9.45 for a full day visiting 2 different healers then ending up back at the Ashram. Ohhh cant wait .

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