Tuesday, 8 May 2012

day 8

Had a really relaxing day, by the pool sunbathing. The rest of the girls went to lunch courtesy of Samphos, but I didnt feel hungry so decided to make the most of the quiet and stayed by the pool. It was so good to have peace and quiet and time to myself at last. As I laid there going over a few of the things that has happened, I realised how peaceful I have become. I also know that all my chakra's are up and running. My spiritual energy has been increased to beyond that which I had before all this. In actual fact I feel overun. Its amazing. We are all like this now. Free spirits, we are like children all happy sometimes sad, with it changing minute by minute. Its a really good feeling. Ken asked me how I saw it, and I replied that when we trance dance its as though we are all weaving energy. Each of us has our own particular way, and each piece is as important as the next. The healer is bringing all the pieces together and joining them together, hers is the binding. Like an energetic patchwork quilt. Each piece is unique and the whole is unique. A one off. And somehow we all benefit from this work, each in a different way- uniquely. If one of us was missing, the quilt would lack the quality that it now has. Its a humble work of art, but one to be treasured and honoured. A memory of this time that we all share together.

Later Ken came to my room and gave me a 'Bars' session. This is energy work conducted over the head area only. It felt good and really energised me. Have looked on internet and found lady in UK that teaches it. Thats my next course !!

Later the lady healer came over and we walked through the dark to the 'Temple of Death' to meet her there. The Temple is dedicated to Durka- goddess of death. Dharma said he and other Balinese people are affraid to go there after dark as there are a great many spirits. We said prayers and gave offerings, then we started to dance. Only two songs this evening. Emma started to channel Rotunia but didnt go the whole way, so no great things to report. Other than I didnt feel affraid at all.

When we started our walk back the healer came up to me and held my hand. As we walked through the darkness she started telling me the names of things in Balinese and I gave her the English word. We laughed at the fire flies that are so big here. She asked me if I was happy, and I said yes very, we just carried on  laughing and she kept saying I was old friend of Ratunia. And I said yes old smoking friend, We laughed some more. Then she said soon not so happy and made a sign for tears running down her face, and said you go back. So I looked at her and said ------ ( her name) shall be in my heart, pointing to my heart. Then we laughed some more, linked arms and carried on. It seems so natural to behave this way with her. It really is like she is an old friend. We shall be back at her Ashram tomorrow - and I think we will all be tested for posession. Have to pack in the morning to return back to out original hotel in Ubud. Which is nice, but really not as nice as this one....

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