Saturday, 5 May 2012

day 5

What a day we,ve had. First thing Paula and I rescued a poor bird that had gotten trapped in a long line of cotton about 30' up. We did it by using bambo poles we found lying around. Or I should say Paula did all the hard work I just assisted, but it felt good to help the poor thing. Then after lunch we went to our lady healers local temple where the priest and priestess are her in -laws. In Bali every Temple has a birthday every 251 days which is a Balinese year. Today was this temple's birthday. So we participated in the ceremony which included more water being poured on our heads - are you beginning to see a pattern here?? Anyhow we received our blessing and then returned to our lady healers Ashram for more trance dance. We all had a great deal of fun which ended with one of the attendants singing a local song. This little guy had been about to die and was brought to the Ashram, where the healer worked on him. He got so sick that they took him to the hospital. But he wouldnt stay and insisted on going back to the Ashram. And he has stayed as an attendant ever since. He is tiny, and when the energies start flowing he becomes a horse or a Naga, But today she blew on him and he sang the sweetest song.

We went to see a fire dance show tonight. Local men pretending to do trance dance. It was entertaining but obvious that its put on for tourists. I thing if half of them saw the real Bali they would be on the next plane home. !! Been talking to Ken about our walking on planet C today. He does a healing thing called bars. He asked if I would like some, and hopefully we shall get some time over the next few days so that I can receive some.

We are now at ' The Retreat' it is heavenly. As I type this I am in a huge four poster bed with beautiful lace curtains all around, flower petals were strewn all over the bed. The ceiling is vaulted and made of some kind of thatch, the suite is like a small bungalow. My bathroom is out through my dressing room in a courtyard. And I just had a shower in the open air under the biggest full moon you ever saw. Out front I have my own verandah and a huge daybed, just for me. Life doesnt get much better than this. I dont believe I have ever been anywhere as luxurious. I havnt really seen outside as we arrived in the dark at 9pm, but I know I wont be dissapointed. Postscript  breakfast next morning- I really am in Paradise !!!.....

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