Saturday, 12 May 2012

day 12

After a couple of hours driving over the volcano we arrived at the beach hotel. Emma and I definately have the best rooms. We are self contained, and share a front door and entrance hall. I have a huge bed and an outdoor bathroom. I have a downstairs verandah with settee and chairs and Emma and I can share the top floor which is open and has a four poster huge day bed and a couple of settee's. This is definately my style. Our building is surrounded by a moat filled with goldfish and you have to walk across stepping stones to get to us. Amazing. Today we swam in the Java sea, which is clear and warm. On Sunday we can go out on a boat and snorkel, which I have put my name down for.
This evening the lady healer and a busfull of her followers came over to us. We met them at a local Temple to Qon Yin. Around 5 pm. We said prayers and had the normal ceremony then had a trance dance, this one was very strong for me. Then Ratunia came through and we had the normal channelling information, however this time she really cried and so did some of her community. Then we walked to another temple close by. She held my hand and linked arms all the way. Chatting to me in Balinese. As always she gave me words and I repeated them. It all seems so natural and I love our time together like this. There is another lady who is much older, who also channels, with the longest dreadlock ponytail I have ever seen. She later made a point of coming up to me as we walked to another temple and she held my hand. They do not do this to the rest of the group, I can only summise its because of my eyes, being blue, or because Ratunia likes me to smoke with her, as she believes I was an old freind. But who knows? Anyhow at the second temple there were a lot of monkeys. As we sat down on the floor to begin our prayers they kept running up to us and stealing the prayer flowers. That was scary enough, but halfway through the prayers they suddenly went wild and started screaming at each other and fighting on the fragile reed roof we were all sitting under. To add to the scene there was also sheet lightening firing off all around the temple. ~Fascinating, stunning, wonderful. Wild !
The very last temple was beautiful, the first one we've seen that was painted. There were no monkeys but cats and dogs all wandering around. No - one bothers, they just get on with the ceremonies, it really seems anyone is welcome. More prayers and the usual ceremony, only this one was overseen by a priestess which seemed fitting and right for our last ceremony. Then a last trance dance. The healer spent time which each of us blowing on us and touching us. It was lovely and quite moving. Then it was over and time to say our goodbyes. All the community said thank you and goodbye and gave us banana's ( Phisang' s) We were all very quick in saying goodbye to the healer as we were affraid we might cry, and I think she was too.
Tomorrow we have our last ceremony. This one is a melukat with the male healer. This is the big one ( which I wailed through first time). It will be very interesting to see how I feel about this last one. Especially as all the others had a choice in whether they wanted it or not. But he insisted at the diagnosis that I definately had it. As he put it - it has been prescribed for me

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