Wednesday, 9 May 2012

day 9

Ok nice lazy start to the day with swim and an hours sunbathing before we had to load up and ship back to Ubud, to out original hotel. Which is nice, but no where near as nice as the Retreat. Lunch and check in in Ubud, then out to our regular lady healer for trance dance and exorcism. Am pleased to report that out of 7 of us only myself and Karen were free of any entities. I believe I am free since the chemo just about destroyed everything in my body !! And Karen is a pure soul anyhow. But the test was interesting. We sat on the floor in the ancestors altar and the healer blew on us. Then as we laid back she trod on our legs beginning just above the ankle, starting on the right leg. If she found nothing there she when onto the left leg. According to the ' posessed' if she hit the right spot the pain was unbearable. We certainly saw them squirm. If it was in the right leg then it had really settled in. If in the left then only just attached and only in the Aura. But would eventually end up in the right leg. At the very end she did test on Dharma, Kens Bali born assistant. As soon as she stepped on his right leg he screamed. What followed was hard to watch. Dharma is a fit muscular guy. When the healer stepped on his leg he screamed in agony. Having gone before I know that her weight is enough to know she's doing it but not enough to hurt. Unless you're posessed I guess. As she put a bit more weight on his leg she spoke to him in Balinese. I dont know what she said yet, but Ken has said he will fill us in.Dharma screamed in agony and I think he asked her to stop. I guess she said no and asked the entity to leave. He emmitted a low gutteral sound, that sounded evil. She started to shout at him as he squirmed beneath her. Then the guys dragged him to his feet and stood before her. She breathed on him and he screamed, then he jumped to one side and his arms stretched out in front of him, almost like a superman pose. Except you could see his body convulsing and all his muscles contracting. He appeared in agony. She continued to shout at him, and suddenly his body leapt up and then slumped in relaxation, exhausted. Frightening, wonderful to witness. Because of the ammount of entities she decided a golden coconut melukat would be appropriate, so we went throught the ceremony. I ended up soaked, like a wet T shirt competition. We all laughed. Then we walked to as nearby temple to Shiva. A local priest arrived and conducted the prayer ceremony. I suppose I should explain what happens. In all temple prayers, we are given a small bowl of flowers and a josh stick. The priest/ priestess then offers prayers in the form of chants and mundra's. Then we pray, firstly washing our hands in the smoke from the Josh sticks, then putting our hands in prayer position, but the thumbs touch our third eye. Then we take a white flowerin our fingers and continue to pray as before. Then we replace white flower with a combination or a little spray if praying to Kiun Qin. Then priest comes round and flicks holy water over our heads then pours holy water into our hands. We drink three times. The forth goes over our face and heads. Then we take a small handful of rice and stick it to our foreheads and eat three pieces. Thats it done. Only problem I have is often we have to sit crossed legged on floor. I really cannot do this due to old broken hip injury. And as I must not point the sole of my feet toward the Altar can make for a few interesting positions. But somehow I manage. Tonight I got to sit with Kens partner Samphos. He is 30 years old and an ex monk from Cambodia. He is so loving, we all get lots of hugs from him. I joke with him that he is my long lost son, and we all laugh. Tonight during the ceremonies a Gecko kept calling. Samphos told me that 5, 7 or 9 calls were lucky. We kept counting. The last set of calls totalled 7, so we both clapped and cheered, and laughed, a lot ....

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