Friday, 18 May 2012

Back home

Well thats it !! I am back in blighty. I feel so different. Dennis says he sees a change ( for the better). How? In what way? Thats hard to explain. This is not the feeling I had when I returned from Nepal. But my soul is singing. Life is sweet. I have such a renewed spiritual energy. I feel so connected with everything. I feel strong, empowered. What will unfold I have no idea, and I dont care.  It really is too early for me to go into detail about my own personal experiences and feelings about what happened, but I will write about them once I feel I am ready.
On our last evening at the beach we had a small ceremony. I had taken my little Nepalese hat and my favourite scarf. Before dinner we took them down to the beach with an  offering of flowers that I had collected. Once there and only a few feet from the sea we burned them. It was so good. Dharma and Samphos ( the two sweetest men I have ever met) helped me to set fire to them and as they burned, Samphos who was a buddhist monk for 12 years knelt down and offered the flowers into the fire. It was so moving that these guys who had only known me for a short while could understand the significance of the ceremony and add their special touch. As they burned we all pushed the smoke up and away into the sea. I said goodbye to the big 'C' . I felt very emotional, surrounded and supported by all these special people who I had shared so much with, feeling their love and energy as they wished the same for me.  I just felt a little sorry that Dennis and my friends back home could not be there with me. But I guess this was my journey and my time. It was so completely the right time and place to have this ceremony  I felt liberated and free. By the morning the Jave sea had completely swallowed any remnants, just the way it should be.
On our last day Emma was summoned by the lady healer that we had spent so much time with. She was given advice on how to channel spirit  amongst a whole lot of other things that really are Emma's to tell.  She was gifted the bamboo walking cane that Ratunia has used for the last 30 years- a very precious item, that we were so protective of on the flight home.  She was also told how the 3 of us share some connection and that we will be all back together some day. I really do hope that does happen.

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