Wednesday, 2 May 2012

day two

What a fascinating day, firstly with the male healer. His diagnosis of me was very interesting. He said my bottom two chakras were wide open, but my upper chakras were part closed. This makes perfect sense as the bottom chakras are all about survival and thats what I have been concentrating on for the last few months. On my past life which he diagnosed by my placing my feet on his, he said I had been a Gladiator, a very ruthless one. He then asked to look at my back where he said were 3 scars. These injuries had been life threatening but I had survived to continue to be as ruthless and sucessful as before. This actually makes sense somehow. Then onto the Melukat. He told me I was a nine flowers. He did the 11's first. It was awful to watch as he scooped flowers and water out of the container over the recipients head. Knowing it would soon be my turn. When it came to me I had to pray first ( as did everyone) holding a josh stick and a flower against my third eye. Then the water began. At first I could not breathe, then I felt something bubble upto the surface. I heard Ken say let it out and suddenly I could hear from deep within a loud moan. Then it became a wail. It went on all throught the Melukat. Everyone said afterward they were surprised that I was able to breathe as well as get rid of that deep noise. After he had finished I felt so light. His wife then annointed by head with coconut water which I had to also drink followed by rice being placed on my face and arms and chest. I felt so relieved, whether it was because something had shifted or because I had survived a near drowning, I dont know. We then had lunch which was a selection of Balinese food which was delicious.

Then back to our female healer. We started to trance dance straight way. They play Om Mani Padme Hum, which always gets us going. She moves through us blowing onto us. Then as I'm in the middle of trance she joins in and suddenly she is beside me her arms entwined in mine our hands clasped together ( later she tells us she was Kwan Yin and I was her attendant) and that is exactly how it felt. A very deep connection. Then she blew on me again and I ended up once again on the floor. Again I heard Kens voice saying let it go. This time the noise that came from so deep within was a maniacle laugh. On and on I went laughing, nearly hysterical. All around me others danced, Emma was being supported by Ken who was getting her to put her hands on all our heads. They she threw holy water on me and I snapped out of it. The guys got me to my feet and we carried on dancing together. Then she announced that we would dance with the fans. As they were being handed out we suddenly realised that something was going on with Emma. As Ken and Dharma held onto her she started to change, they shouted for a chair and as they sat her down the change in her face was startling. The lady healer knelt beside her and called for a tobacco leaf. When she gave it to Emma she started to chew on it. These leaves are disgusting - very bitter. Quite an aquired taste. Emma chewed on it like she had done so many times before. The L H then put her face close to Emma's and started to rub her legs. Then they gave Emma a chunk of tobacco which she put into her mouth and started to chew. We then realised Emma was channeling the Ancestor !! Lady healer was by now crying and hugging Emma, they were both speaking in low voices to one another. Ken said it was Balinese they were speaking. The lady healer was rubbing the tobacco onto Emma's gums. Emma was clearly enjoying this- quite bizarely. It was very moving to take my turn to place my forehead onto Emma's knee, who was now Rotunia, for healing. We were all crying.

Afterwards the healer was obviously quite upset. She said this was the first time she had been on the receiving end of Rotunia. That she was able to experience the healing process that she normally channels. That she was able to be embraced and embrace Rotunia. It was really moving. Then we were all asked how we felt, in this unique moment. When it was my turn I said how connected I had felt to her when we danced together. She acknowledged this and said she had also felt it. Ken said that in all the years he had been with her he had never seen anything like what had happened over the last two days. She said we shared a very special energy, the combination of all the energies was so very special. She felt there was a change to come for all of us. A definate shift, a transition for all of us. It was magical. I kept laughing and crying. As did a few of us. She said our tears were tears of joy, as were hers. She then invited us for breakfast at some point over our stay. Rotunia cooks this, a typical Balinese breakfast, again Ken confirms this never happens.

Then it was time to leave. As we said goodbye she hugged both me and Emma. It was a hug a felt I so desperately needed. It was like a hug from the Universe. Tonight we are back there to join the villagers in dance. Cant wait.

On the way back we were priviledged to visit a 1000 year old cave of Shiva and Ganashe. We gave offerings and prayers and chanted Om. Magical.......

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