Friday, 11 May 2012

day 11

Such a lovely relaxed day. We had the morning free although we were all feeling the effects of the late night before. Karen and I took off to do some sacred shopping. I got a Ganeshe statue that Ive had my eye on, together with a few more small bits. What was going to be a quick pop out however turned into a bit of a trek as we got a little lost and ended up going miles out of our way. Then we all had lunch together, where Ken explained the plan for today. We were going to the sacred baths to bathe ( its never that simple) then down 200 steps into a nearby temple. I asked if there are 200 down are there 200 up ( might seem a strange question to ask, but nothing here is that simple) when Ken answered yes, I asked if it would be ok to sit at the top and wait for the rest to go and do the stuff ( I really am proud of myself for keeping up with everthing so far, but after the trek this morning and following a late night on top of all the walking, dancing,swimming we have done) I felt enough is enough. Ken said that was completely ok, but did the others want to do it. Seems I wasnt the only one because it was quickly established that no- one really had the energy. So off to the baths we went. These are sacred baths. Hindus from all over make pilgrimage. They consist of large concrete pools with spouts through which the sacred water flows. There were about 9 in the first pool. However there are two which you must not use as they are used in ceremonies for the dead ( no pressure then). The water came upto my waist. A couple of our group thought it was cold ( I didnt) . We had to stick our heads under the spouts and let the water flow over us for as long as we could. Then let it flow onto our Chakra's. Then onto the next. I am happy to report I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thankfully dear Samphos was on hand to help me walk over the stony bottom to the next spout and so on. I should also add that there were Carp in the pool with us- which was a little freaky. There were Balinese in front and behide us all waiting their turn, the ones behide us were quite a party, several generations from an old man to a baby of a few months. Then once we had finished in the first pool we got out and went into the next. The second pool was all about healing and abundance, so I took my time, obviously. Again the whole experience was carthartic. When I had finished I felt thoroughly cleansed and energised.

The wierdest thing was that Hindus consider bare top arms and shoulders, rude. However the changing rooms ( and I use the term loosely) were unisex. All around men and women were trying to get out of their wet Sarongs and shirts and into dry clothes. Never mind about bare shoulders, there were bare bums and more!!. So in the gungho spirit of the moment, and with the challenge of a filthy floor covered in slime consisting of mud and god knows what else. I decided to throw modesty to the wind in an effort to get my dry clothes on without them touching the floor. No mean feat I can tell you. My dry Sarong ended up soaked around the bottom. Despite my decision to go ' commando' for the prayers. So off we went into the inner sanctum where a Hindu priest led us in prayer. Then a quick tour round the rest of the site including feeding the biggest and most Koi Carp I have ever seen.

Then back to Ubud for 4.30 pm. Heaven, we were able to have a little rest then a leisurely shower and change , including time to apply a little make up, and be in a bar in Ubud for happy hour bogoff cocktails. How normal is that ? We indulged in the regular chat and analysis you would expect at this point, fuelled by the bogoff cocktails. Then a good dinner and back to the hotel by 9.30pm - Bliss. Tomorrow we leave for the coast. Emma and Pauline have assured us that the next hotel beats the Retreat and certainly the photos Paula showed us seem to prove that.

Tomorrow will be a late night as the village shall be coming over to join us in one last trance dance. We shall be saying goodbye to our lady healer. That will be very hard for all of us. I have got a pressie for the healer and the two people she has taken under her wing, which we have come to love as they are truly happy simple people, and they have nothing but the healers grace and goodwill on which they depend, they no longer understand the concept of money, just trust in the Universe to provide. Thats a lesson for us all

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