Sunday, 29 January 2012

My Aura

Went along to the Mind Body Spirit fair at the auditorium yesterday. Got a fancy to have my Aura photographed. Although I was scared it might look awful. Anyhow I choose to alo have a reading of it. My Aura is filled with pinks, purples, blues and white. The lady giving the reading told me that I am very creative and she thought it was in writing. And that I have only just started on that, there will be a lot more. But it will come as my channels continue to open as a lot is happening spiritually to me at the moment. She said I have new guides coming in and did the name Jack or Jackie mean anything, it didnt. She said that I am an non conformist, that I dont go with the flow and do just as I like. That I am stubborn- all true. She went on that my Aura shows my healing abilities as well as strong links to the divine, ' a divine channel' which will increase over the next few months as more spirit guides come in to assist. Then she said have I done a lot of travelling as she saw a lot coming up. Some would be with my partner and some without him- true. She then said she saw me on a train, a really small old train.( Thats the train to Shimla.) She said to take a pen and paper on this journey as I would receive a spiritual message or guidance that will be very important ( wow) She then went on to say that I am an old soul but am not of this world. She believes I am a spiritual being having a human experience and that I originate from the Pledians ( is that where my fascination with the Universe comes from?) She went on to say I shall do much more healing as well as writing, and that she could see me using my eyes to heal ( this is possible with Reiki and I have already done this). She also said I have links to Mother Mary, Angel Rapheal and the fifth master Hilamon ? . Well what do you think of that?

Friday, 27 January 2012

Bewitched Bronia

Had a great couple of days away in Newcastle at the advanced mediumship course. Met up with Suzie and Karen and we all learnt loads from Simon Goodfellow.
It always amazes me how we can just pick up where we left off ( us girls I mean)  When any member of the Reiki Ravers meets up with another it just seems to flow, its like we have never been apart. We just simply carry on. Its great. Maybe it happens naturally, I dont know. Ive never had so many friends, at once. I am quite selective about my friends, selecting quality over quantity. That hasnt changed, and I feel very happy to belong with a group of like minded souls. Who also like to party !!
As for the course, Simon Goodfellow is a really good teacher. I have learnt so much along the way. I met up with my spirit guide- which proved quite interesting. And I feel that the Tarot cards are my thing. Which is strange for me because when they arrived I looked at them and put them straight back into the box believing I would never ' get ' them. Now I feel really excited about them. WEIRD I know. Now I know you will all be rushing to get a reading, but I need to spend a bit more time with them. I will let you know when I am ready.
Have recieved a text to say our India visa's are on their way back - which is another thing off the list. And a step nearer to our holiday. All positive nice things. On a negative note I am at the hospital on Monday seeing the Oncologist- who I cant understand. And then Barbara my Macmillan nurse who is going to ' make' sure I know all the stuff I need to. Like signs of reoccurence- nice, side effects, do'es and donts.  I already know the donts. Dont allow anything to pierce right arm. Keep out of sunshine. Do not wear underwired bra's.  DO NOT GO ON HOLIDAY UNLESS YOU CAN GET INSURANCE. Blah blah blah .......

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Mystic Bronia

New pack of Tarot Cards. Picture of deceased person in envelope. Must be off to the next course of Simon Goodfellow. How exciting !. Am really looking forward to it and to a reunion with Suzi and Karen. We shall have so much to talk about and plans to make. Its going to be a great couple of days. In the meantime my deposit transfer has reached Singapore, so it looks like I am on my way to Bali!!

At the weekend its the Mind Body Spirit fair in Grimsby and Simon will be at that also!. I am just going as a visitor- I used to have a stand there. But as I cant seem to get my act together as to what I am going to do and when, there really is no point.

Planet C has given me a lot of opportunities- almost as many as it took away. But at present although I know what I want to do, I really have not done much about it. Although as Dennis keeps pointing out it is early days. And really this time has been about sorting the house. Which in all fairness had been neglected due to planet C.

Speaking of planet C, I have an appointment with the Oncologist on Monday. The one I cant understand. I suppose its just a check in, and maybe he will arrange a CT scan. Cant say I really want it before I go to Nepal. Well I do if its shows me clear of the Bastard, but what if it doesnt ?? So I cant take the risk. I will see if I can postpone until we get back.  Anyhow enough of that - off to Newcastle...

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Lazy Sunday

Had a very nice day yesterday. Colette and I had lunch and a good chat. It was great to have a day off from decorating. In fact we have put any futher plans regarding paint on hold for a little while. Good. Beginning to feel that my house is getting in order and therefore it follows, so is my mind. There's been a whole lot of dust and muck to paint over and renew. So its back to the chrysalis thing, again. Funny that.  From a phsyical point of view I feel good. My energy level seems to have bottomed out so at least I,m not bouncing off the walls anymore. Which is a good thing. The painting probably helped with that.  We are walking as much as we can - although the weather sometimes puts a stop on plans. But at least I know I can go for a long walk and enjoy it. Plus its good practice for Nepal. My hair is growing - in someplaces its much longer than others. And its growing in all directions. Its going to look weirder than before I think. Anyhow I'm goin to keep it short as Ive really gotten used to it. Shall just get it dyed in very interesting colours. Got a good week coming up. In the shop tomorrow morning, Reiki session at the Odyssey on Tuesday, then off to Newcastle to Simons workshop and to meet up with Suzi and Karen. Happy daze.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Smear today & gone tomorrow

Time is going so quickly. The weeks are flying. I suppose its because we have been so busy, painting and catching up with jobs.  We have sent off our passports to the Indian embassy to get our visa's. Now we have to hope we get them back !! The flights to Bali are booked and deposit paid. I'm so excited about both trips, they are both spiritually based. One in Buddism the other Hindu. Both my favourite subjects at the moment. Brilliant !
Just waiting now to get the carpet laid in the lounge and that is not coming for a couple more weeks. We have decided to stop painting for a bit and have a rest. Which makes sense as we are in Newcastle for two days next week. I am doing the second stage of Simon Goodfellows mediumship course and meeting up with Suzi and Karen who are doing it too. That will be a great couple of days. There is so much for us to talk about, apart from the course !!
Now off to the Doctors as I have been called in for my 3 yearly smear test. Makes you laugh doesnt it, I mean Ive just finished chemo. You think they would postpone this for a few months, but oh no....

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Stop press

Had a very interesting Sunday. A reporter from the Grimsby Telegraph came round with a photographer to interview me for an article. Not sure which angle they wanted but I ended up going through details of the treatment, then how I managed to draw strenght from the spiritual aspect. Then onto my travel arrangements and then to me return to work as a Reiki practise. The young reporter didnt know what Reiki is so we had a fairly long discussion on that. Then she said she might be able to do a follow up article just on Reiki. Then out to my Shed where the reporter got me posing ?! for photo's haha. I dont know when the article will be printed but hopefully it will read ok.

Been working in the shop, its been quite funny at times. On Friday a customer came in and said ' crikey your hairs short', I looked at her, I suppose a bit strange. Then she said ' last time I saw you it was quite long', then I realised she didnt know. I then explained to her that my hair is in fact quite long now compared to a few weeks ago and the reason for that.  You shouldve seen her face !! It was sooo funny!!.

Dennis and I have gone mad in the house. We are painting everthing in sight.  Its like we cant stop !! I think we are ' putting our house in order'. We are in charge of something for a change and we are being creative. Its a kind of therapy I guess. Anyhow not complaining because we usually struggle with this kind of thing ....

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Read all about it !!!

What a day. Been really busy trying to clean up after having some decorating done. So much dust everywhere. Just finished at 4 pm when my mobile rang. It was the Grimsby Evening Telegraph.  They were asking for people to come forward with inspirational stories, so I emailed them my two articles and a brief explanation of what has happened. I only did it a couple of days ago. They want to interview me tomorrow and take photo's as they will feature my story in the Cleethorpes Post. How exciting is that ? They are interested in my travel plans, as well as my saying I want to get my business back up and running. They also want my  ' Cancer' story so I suppose I shall have to talk about that too. OMG the house is still chaotic as I'm having new carpet fitted and I dont want to put everything back just to move it all next week. They also want to take pictures of me with my treatment bed so Den and I shall be busy in my shed tomorrow morning converting it into my treatment room, in readiness.  Oh had no idea they would respond so quickly. I'm not ready. The Universe obviously thinks otherwise......

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Got the decorators in .....

Tradesmen, God dont they do your head in. My decorator didnt turn up on Monday - he said he couldnt find his keys. Yesterday he was here for 4 hours and he must have spent an hour of that boring me with his life story ! I purposely didnt get the last guy back just for that very reason. Why does the Universe send me these people?? All I want is a couple of rooms painted !!  He said he would be here 2.5 days. At this rate he wont be finished this week! And I have an Electrician coming today to change a couple of lights. I hope they dont get together as it really wont get finished.   And breathe ...
Spent yesterday updating my Reiki and Love Heals manuals, in preparation for my new career. I really enjoyed re- reading them all and adding a few bits. Have to print off some brochures to take over to the Alternative shop in Winterton to see if I can drum up any custom. Working on getting the Cleethorpes Post to do another article about me, just to let people know I am back. Have accepted that the Universe shall decide whats next but am getting bored waiting. I worked in the shop on Monday morning and have decided I shall do that shift from now on. It will give  Dennis some more time off, which I think will do him good, and it wll keep me in touch with the shop and its customers. I quite enjoyed being back, it was as though nothing had happened until a customer came in. Then they obviously wanted to know how I was. They all said how good I looked. And how can you answer that question?  I just said the Buggers gone and now we hope it wont come back. Does that sound negative?........

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Wow Wow Wow

Getting excited now about Nepal. I sent an email to Chongtul Rinpoche to thank him for my Mantra and to ask if there was anything useful we could take from England to his Monastery in Menri. He replied back that the Abbot there loves English Tea, so could we take that and that we should be there for the Mask dance which is on 4th March following Losar New Year celebrations. He also offered to make the reservations for us at the guest house at the Monastery !! Wow what an adventure that is going to be. The Abbot is the worldwide spiritual leader of the BonPo tradition on a par with the Dali Lama. In fact they are apparently good friends. I cant wait. Its going to be amazing. Only thing is ; do I take leaf tea or tea bags? Tetley or Typhoo?? Wouldn't want to disappoint so shall take both. Plans for Bali are also coming along. I have the itenary and we are flying out around the 30th April. OMG ! Cant wait for that either. The tour is called ' Magical Mystical Mystery tour .. The Healers Healing Journey. Practicarly the whole time is spent with different types of healers and participating in Hindu rituals. I am sooo hoping the bugger dont come back and spoil all these amazing plans .....

Friday, 6 January 2012


Gosh things are moving fast now. Am getting the lounge decorated next week. I am going to do advanced mediumship course 25/26 January in Newcastle and meet up with Suzi and Karen who are on the course too. Lovely, cant wait for that. In the meantime we are still planning what we are doing in Nepal and will hopefully firm up Bali this week. Whew. As well as that I am about to restart my therapy side, but concentrating on Reiki & Crystal Healing/ Facials, Ear Candling and teaching Reiki. In fact that reminds me I have Emma and Suzi coming over in March to do Reiki II. Therapies and Teaching will be done from home probably from my shed. Also intend to re launch 'Love Heals' as soon as I can find a venue.
So hows that for getting on with things eh ? I,m impressed.
Did Den a back massage the other night, to keep my hand in and because his back was playing up, quite enjoyed it but have decided not to go back to massage at the moment as the odd one is ok, but not sure how my arm would hold up. So juries out on that one. Also intend to do more writing as I do enjoy that. 
Been panicking about planet C and travelling with it, then realised in a conversation the other day that last time I was in Nepal I HAD IT. And nothing bad happened. This time I DONT HAVE IT. So why am I panicking about insurance company covering me for everything except IT. Nuts I know....

Sunday, 1 January 2012

2012 - its here !!

Thank God its 2012 at last. Time seemed to go really slowly last night waiting for the hour to strike. And then suddenly we are here.  I went out to my shed at midnight with the last of my champagne,it was really warm inside it and I wished we had spent the evening in it.  Anyhow as I sat there watching fireworks going off all around I felt really tearful. In fact I did cry a little. I think the tears were in gratitiude for getting to 2012.  And for my shed as it helped me through some really hard times. It has cradled me when I most needed it, and I wanted to thank it. I have plans for it in 2012. They will be some changes to the interior, but it will still be my haven and my friend. Our relationship will change, but it will also deepen I think.
As for resolutions. I resolve to live 2012 as fully as I possibly can, and I would urge everyone else to do the same,  after all if the Mayans are to be believed we all have a fight ahead of us to make it to 2013.  Now I have to go and get lunch for Kieron and Graham, so a good afternoon to be had.
Happy New Year everyone