Sunday, 29 January 2012

My Aura

Went along to the Mind Body Spirit fair at the auditorium yesterday. Got a fancy to have my Aura photographed. Although I was scared it might look awful. Anyhow I choose to alo have a reading of it. My Aura is filled with pinks, purples, blues and white. The lady giving the reading told me that I am very creative and she thought it was in writing. And that I have only just started on that, there will be a lot more. But it will come as my channels continue to open as a lot is happening spiritually to me at the moment. She said I have new guides coming in and did the name Jack or Jackie mean anything, it didnt. She said that I am an non conformist, that I dont go with the flow and do just as I like. That I am stubborn- all true. She went on that my Aura shows my healing abilities as well as strong links to the divine, ' a divine channel' which will increase over the next few months as more spirit guides come in to assist. Then she said have I done a lot of travelling as she saw a lot coming up. Some would be with my partner and some without him- true. She then said she saw me on a train, a really small old train.( Thats the train to Shimla.) She said to take a pen and paper on this journey as I would receive a spiritual message or guidance that will be very important ( wow) She then went on to say that I am an old soul but am not of this world. She believes I am a spiritual being having a human experience and that I originate from the Pledians ( is that where my fascination with the Universe comes from?) She went on to say I shall do much more healing as well as writing, and that she could see me using my eyes to heal ( this is possible with Reiki and I have already done this). She also said I have links to Mother Mary, Angel Rapheal and the fifth master Hilamon ? . Well what do you think of that?

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