Sunday, 22 January 2012

Lazy Sunday

Had a very nice day yesterday. Colette and I had lunch and a good chat. It was great to have a day off from decorating. In fact we have put any futher plans regarding paint on hold for a little while. Good. Beginning to feel that my house is getting in order and therefore it follows, so is my mind. There's been a whole lot of dust and muck to paint over and renew. So its back to the chrysalis thing, again. Funny that.  From a phsyical point of view I feel good. My energy level seems to have bottomed out so at least I,m not bouncing off the walls anymore. Which is a good thing. The painting probably helped with that.  We are walking as much as we can - although the weather sometimes puts a stop on plans. But at least I know I can go for a long walk and enjoy it. Plus its good practice for Nepal. My hair is growing - in someplaces its much longer than others. And its growing in all directions. Its going to look weirder than before I think. Anyhow I'm goin to keep it short as Ive really gotten used to it. Shall just get it dyed in very interesting colours. Got a good week coming up. In the shop tomorrow morning, Reiki session at the Odyssey on Tuesday, then off to Newcastle to Simons workshop and to meet up with Suzi and Karen. Happy daze.

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