Friday, 27 January 2012

Bewitched Bronia

Had a great couple of days away in Newcastle at the advanced mediumship course. Met up with Suzie and Karen and we all learnt loads from Simon Goodfellow.
It always amazes me how we can just pick up where we left off ( us girls I mean)  When any member of the Reiki Ravers meets up with another it just seems to flow, its like we have never been apart. We just simply carry on. Its great. Maybe it happens naturally, I dont know. Ive never had so many friends, at once. I am quite selective about my friends, selecting quality over quantity. That hasnt changed, and I feel very happy to belong with a group of like minded souls. Who also like to party !!
As for the course, Simon Goodfellow is a really good teacher. I have learnt so much along the way. I met up with my spirit guide- which proved quite interesting. And I feel that the Tarot cards are my thing. Which is strange for me because when they arrived I looked at them and put them straight back into the box believing I would never ' get ' them. Now I feel really excited about them. WEIRD I know. Now I know you will all be rushing to get a reading, but I need to spend a bit more time with them. I will let you know when I am ready.
Have recieved a text to say our India visa's are on their way back - which is another thing off the list. And a step nearer to our holiday. All positive nice things. On a negative note I am at the hospital on Monday seeing the Oncologist- who I cant understand. And then Barbara my Macmillan nurse who is going to ' make' sure I know all the stuff I need to. Like signs of reoccurence- nice, side effects, do'es and donts.  I already know the donts. Dont allow anything to pierce right arm. Keep out of sunshine. Do not wear underwired bra's.  DO NOT GO ON HOLIDAY UNLESS YOU CAN GET INSURANCE. Blah blah blah .......

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