Saturday, 14 January 2012

Read all about it !!!

What a day. Been really busy trying to clean up after having some decorating done. So much dust everywhere. Just finished at 4 pm when my mobile rang. It was the Grimsby Evening Telegraph.  They were asking for people to come forward with inspirational stories, so I emailed them my two articles and a brief explanation of what has happened. I only did it a couple of days ago. They want to interview me tomorrow and take photo's as they will feature my story in the Cleethorpes Post. How exciting is that ? They are interested in my travel plans, as well as my saying I want to get my business back up and running. They also want my  ' Cancer' story so I suppose I shall have to talk about that too. OMG the house is still chaotic as I'm having new carpet fitted and I dont want to put everything back just to move it all next week. They also want to take pictures of me with my treatment bed so Den and I shall be busy in my shed tomorrow morning converting it into my treatment room, in readiness.  Oh had no idea they would respond so quickly. I'm not ready. The Universe obviously thinks otherwise......

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