Friday, 6 January 2012


Gosh things are moving fast now. Am getting the lounge decorated next week. I am going to do advanced mediumship course 25/26 January in Newcastle and meet up with Suzi and Karen who are on the course too. Lovely, cant wait for that. In the meantime we are still planning what we are doing in Nepal and will hopefully firm up Bali this week. Whew. As well as that I am about to restart my therapy side, but concentrating on Reiki & Crystal Healing/ Facials, Ear Candling and teaching Reiki. In fact that reminds me I have Emma and Suzi coming over in March to do Reiki II. Therapies and Teaching will be done from home probably from my shed. Also intend to re launch 'Love Heals' as soon as I can find a venue.
So hows that for getting on with things eh ? I,m impressed.
Did Den a back massage the other night, to keep my hand in and because his back was playing up, quite enjoyed it but have decided not to go back to massage at the moment as the odd one is ok, but not sure how my arm would hold up. So juries out on that one. Also intend to do more writing as I do enjoy that. 
Been panicking about planet C and travelling with it, then realised in a conversation the other day that last time I was in Nepal I HAD IT. And nothing bad happened. This time I DONT HAVE IT. So why am I panicking about insurance company covering me for everything except IT. Nuts I know....

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