Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Mystic Bronia

New pack of Tarot Cards. Picture of deceased person in envelope. Must be off to the next course of Simon Goodfellow. How exciting !. Am really looking forward to it and to a reunion with Suzi and Karen. We shall have so much to talk about and plans to make. Its going to be a great couple of days. In the meantime my deposit transfer has reached Singapore, so it looks like I am on my way to Bali!!

At the weekend its the Mind Body Spirit fair in Grimsby and Simon will be at that also!. I am just going as a visitor- I used to have a stand there. But as I cant seem to get my act together as to what I am going to do and when, there really is no point.

Planet C has given me a lot of opportunities- almost as many as it took away. But at present although I know what I want to do, I really have not done much about it. Although as Dennis keeps pointing out it is early days. And really this time has been about sorting the house. Which in all fairness had been neglected due to planet C.

Speaking of planet C, I have an appointment with the Oncologist on Monday. The one I cant understand. I suppose its just a check in, and maybe he will arrange a CT scan. Cant say I really want it before I go to Nepal. Well I do if its shows me clear of the Bastard, but what if it doesnt ?? So I cant take the risk. I will see if I can postpone until we get back.  Anyhow enough of that - off to Newcastle...

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