Friday, 20 January 2012

Smear today & gone tomorrow

Time is going so quickly. The weeks are flying. I suppose its because we have been so busy, painting and catching up with jobs.  We have sent off our passports to the Indian embassy to get our visa's. Now we have to hope we get them back !! The flights to Bali are booked and deposit paid. I'm so excited about both trips, they are both spiritually based. One in Buddism the other Hindu. Both my favourite subjects at the moment. Brilliant !
Just waiting now to get the carpet laid in the lounge and that is not coming for a couple more weeks. We have decided to stop painting for a bit and have a rest. Which makes sense as we are in Newcastle for two days next week. I am doing the second stage of Simon Goodfellows mediumship course and meeting up with Suzi and Karen who are doing it too. That will be a great couple of days. There is so much for us to talk about, apart from the course !!
Now off to the Doctors as I have been called in for my 3 yearly smear test. Makes you laugh doesnt it, I mean Ive just finished chemo. You think they would postpone this for a few months, but oh no....

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