Sunday, 8 January 2012

Wow Wow Wow

Getting excited now about Nepal. I sent an email to Chongtul Rinpoche to thank him for my Mantra and to ask if there was anything useful we could take from England to his Monastery in Menri. He replied back that the Abbot there loves English Tea, so could we take that and that we should be there for the Mask dance which is on 4th March following Losar New Year celebrations. He also offered to make the reservations for us at the guest house at the Monastery !! Wow what an adventure that is going to be. The Abbot is the worldwide spiritual leader of the BonPo tradition on a par with the Dali Lama. In fact they are apparently good friends. I cant wait. Its going to be amazing. Only thing is ; do I take leaf tea or tea bags? Tetley or Typhoo?? Wouldn't want to disappoint so shall take both. Plans for Bali are also coming along. I have the itenary and we are flying out around the 30th April. OMG ! Cant wait for that either. The tour is called ' Magical Mystical Mystery tour .. The Healers Healing Journey. Practicarly the whole time is spent with different types of healers and participating in Hindu rituals. I am sooo hoping the bugger dont come back and spoil all these amazing plans .....

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