Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Stop press

Had a very interesting Sunday. A reporter from the Grimsby Telegraph came round with a photographer to interview me for an article. Not sure which angle they wanted but I ended up going through details of the treatment, then how I managed to draw strenght from the spiritual aspect. Then onto my travel arrangements and then to me return to work as a Reiki practise. The young reporter didnt know what Reiki is so we had a fairly long discussion on that. Then she said she might be able to do a follow up article just on Reiki. Then out to my Shed where the reporter got me posing ?! for photo's haha. I dont know when the article will be printed but hopefully it will read ok.

Been working in the shop, its been quite funny at times. On Friday a customer came in and said ' crikey your hairs short', I looked at her, I suppose a bit strange. Then she said ' last time I saw you it was quite long', then I realised she didnt know. I then explained to her that my hair is in fact quite long now compared to a few weeks ago and the reason for that.  You shouldve seen her face !! It was sooo funny!!.

Dennis and I have gone mad in the house. We are painting everthing in sight.  Its like we cant stop !! I think we are ' putting our house in order'. We are in charge of something for a change and we are being creative. Its a kind of therapy I guess. Anyhow not complaining because we usually struggle with this kind of thing ....

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