Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Hospital appointment

Got up in a foul mood on Monday, I did not want to go back to the hospital. When we got there I was told that my breast nurse had gone home sick and that appointment would need to be rearranged. I then had to sit in the chemo waiting room, which was not helpful.  When I got into the Oncologist he asked how I was. I said fine. He said any problems, I said no. He asked how my short term memory was, I said crap. He laughed and said it was a side effect of the chemo. That explains a lot !! He then asked when was my next appointment. I said with Jenny Smith in March, he said ok, at that point I would have a mammogram. And that he would arrange a follow up appointment with me in September. In the meantime I was to go away and enjoy myself. I looked at him and said ' are you not going to scan me'? He said yes probably in September, but not to worry about that just go away and enjoy myself. I didnt need telling twice, I just asked why I had an appointment in Scunthorpe next week with ' the Bitch' and he said just ring up and cancel it as the computer has generated it !! Then I was out of that place like a shot !!
It was our wedding aniversary so we decided to go into Cleethorpes and have a drink and some tapas. It was freezing and horrible and when we got to Cleethorpes nothing was open- well it was only 4.30 ! So we did what any old fucked up couple do - we got in the car and came home to light the fire and relax in the lounge and watch Deal or No deal. Romantic eh ??
Now we  are waiting for the carpet fitters to fit the new lounge carpet and I will spent the rest of the week putting the house back and preparing for Dens 65th birthday party on Saturday. I WILL ENJOY MYSELF...

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