Wednesday, 8 February 2012


So busy running around like a headless chicken, trying to organise car insurance and LPG gas suppliers as both are up for renewal, before our holiday. Have found out that the Meerkats will insure my car for HALF the price of my current insurers. However the renewing company is Swinton - who I already insure with. Mad. Just shows you the Meerkats know best. !!  You know the ad when the guy is on the plane and the Meerkats turn up with his toy ?!!! Have negoitated a new supplier for gas but it takes 28 days to change over. In the meantime our gas tank is nearly empty and I have had to pay current supplier well over the odds to get a small delivery to tide us over what is going to be the coldest tme of the year.
And they told me not to get stressed !!  And now I find out we have a leak in one of our flats and the tenant has seen a rat - in an upstairs flat !! Ugh -  and Breathe !!
Am really pleased about my fellow Reiki Ravers, they are all following the path. Its so wierd how that first trip to Nepal changed us all in so many ways. It seems to have given us all a gift, and bound us together for always.  And when you think about it the second trip certaintly changed me and Dennis. Neither of us have been the same since!! And here we are going back for more and cant wait to get there. What is it about that place ? I wonder now what gift awaits us this time ?

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