Saturday, 18 February 2012

Bon Voyage

Well here I am on the eve of my third trip to Nepal. One I never thought I would make. Its so weird to think that only one year ago I was there and that a simple massage changed my life. ( That was when the C thing turned up). Little did I know when I set off full of excitement that I was carrying a stow away with me as I boarded that flight. An univited guest. Now I think I understand why we received so many blessings from the monks we met. It was as though the Universe was arming us ready for the fight I was to have on my return. And I thank it for that.
This trip for me is about thanksgiving and closure.  I am ready to thank the Universe for its grace and to receive if offered, further blessings. As we celebrate the Tibetan New Year on Wednesday evening I shall raise a glass to all of my friends and all the wonderful helpers I have met over this last year that have supported me in so many ways. I shall wish you all a Very Happy & Healthy New Year and give thanks for the last year Ive have and the rest to come.  I think this trip like the others before it will have a profound effect on me, especially as we shall be spending much more time on Spiritual matters than previously and in the company of very spiritual people. So heres to you all. I will try to update my blog whilst we are there, wi fi willing.

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