Sunday, 26 February 2012

Out of the frying pan into the fire

Plane was delayed and whilst we were waiting we got talking to a Swedish medic, she has been here with her family for 3 years. She lives in Tansen and could not believe it when we said we were there this time last year, as not many tourists go there. Synchronicity once again.
Back in Kathmandu, which is a bit of a relief as I was getting eaten by the moozi's And panicking because I have realised that I have not brought my emergency antibiotics, to take if my right arm gets attacked. I have also left my lemsip pills which I could also do with as my throat is on fire and my sinus's are killing me. This happens every time I come here. I just cant take the dust and pollution I guess.
Have bought a Tara Thanka this afternoon, Tara is goddess of healing and business, so I thought she was appropriate for my new start. I shall put her in my shed along with my glow in the dark Buddha. I am anxious to change the look of my shed, but only slightly, as I see a new beginning, so this is the perfect excuse to do my favourite thing and shop. I also want another Ganashe as he is the God of new beginnings, but as he is predominately Hindu I shall find him in India. And tonight at the Stupa another big celebration with the monks sharing out all the sweets. This time we donated some biscuits and then one of the monks who keeps nodding and smiling at me gave me some back. So we gave them to an old lady who just sits by the Stupa and chants all day long, never asking for anything. I thought she deserved some sweetness in her life so I hope she enjoys them.
Off tomorrow to the Tara school and hopefully to meet Ani, I have enjoyed her music so much during my SOL and it would be really good to tell her face to face

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