Monday, 6 February 2012

What a lovely weekend. On Saturday night we had a party for Dennis - he is 65 !!  All the usual crowd turned up and we had a great time - from what I can remember. We had an impromptu stop over as it snowed quite heavily so a couple of the girls stayed. On Sunday I felt a bit delicate and have decided to abide by the latest advice given by the FSA or whatever and give my liver a couple of days off. Actually it will be the first two days off in months !! Still at the moment can report no actual sign of any benefit from the rest, but I have a few more hours to go !!

Been to the hospital for an end of treatment interview with Barbara my breast nurse. She asked how I was and how I felt my treatment had gone. She said I could see a counsellor if I felt I needed it, but she didnt think I did and neither do I. Although I can understand how it would benefit a lot of people. We had a general chat about my future and hospital follow ups and also signs for me to watch out for.  We discussed the various neurological side effects including my nail problems and the constant little pains in my boob. But I know all about those as I had the same after my Hip operation so am not fazed by them. She asked if I had thought about a reconstruction and I said definitely not this Summer, and she gave me the thumbs up and said it was always there when I wanted it. I told her of my travel arrangements and she reminded me of being careful with my right arm, particularly avoiding getting stung.  She then said that as I was a great example would I consider becoming a volunteer in about 6 months or so as it helps other women to be able to chat to someone who has gone through the process, I said an immediate yes as it would enable me to give something back. I also said I am quite willing to talk to anyone in the meantime and would have no hesitation in getting my booby out should someone want to see it if they were faced with the same operation and were afraid.  So again thats another little plan for the future. Right now I have to concentrate on getting ready for our return trip to Nepal in 2 weeks ........

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