Sunday, 12 February 2012


Isn't technology wonderful? I took my new toy into Starbucks today as Dennis said they had Wi Fi.   I don't like Starbucks coffee but decided I had to put up with it in the name of progress. Dennis ordered coffee and asked if Wi Fi was available, the girl said yes look for Cloud. He didn't like to ask anything else so came over and told me the same. What does that mean, look where ??  I felt very nervous as all around me teenagers were busy surfing. Not wanting to look a fool,  I took  my Netbook  out of its Indiana Jones type Netbook bag and turned it on. Nothing happened. I then remembered setting up my BT home hub so went into computer and then wireless settings. And there it was ' Cloud' aha I see what that means now. A couple of tentative clicks later and I was surfing !! I became very confident then ( and a little Mr Bean like) and started openly showing Dennis how clever I was.' Look here's Facebook and  here's my Blog' I was beaming.  I felt the power. This is great I said all we have to do is find a cafe with Wi Fi in Nepal and we can keep in touch and even update my Blog and Facebook. Dennis looked at me and said 'thats great' , he then became very serious and said ' what about Skype that's free isn't it ?' Honestly some people are never satisfied. Anyone know how Skype works ?? Michelle ?? ......


  1. Skype is easy - that's how I kept in touch with Mark when me and Karen were away last year. Just download the software and decide what your Skype name will be and off you go.... If you want a practice session before you go then send me a contact request and we can have a Skype session before you head off! My Skype name is suzreid1


  2. Ohh I will are you around Saturday ?? xx