Saturday, 25 February 2012

Once bitten twice shy

Its not funny cos its driving me mad- I have a mosquito bite. On the top of my right big toe. The Reiki Ravers amongst you will recall a similar bite which caused much hilarity on the long road back from Pokhara. Well this bugger is in exactly the same place !! Talk about lighting not stiking in the same place twice. It swelled up like an egg before bursting in the disgusting way these things do ugh!
Got up at 6.30 am this morning to take another walk into Lumbini. Decided to go early as yesterday we were beaten by the heat. It was a lovely walk and we spent 5 or so hours wandering around the various monasteries. The German monastery is by far the best and we got a whole room of monks chanting thrown in!! We stood and watched and listened to the multi toned Mantra's for quite a long time. It was really calming and peaceful. We were allowed a quick tour round and it was funny to see all the young monks- some were quite small, looking up and giggling as they watched us walk by. I couldnt resist a grin and a wink back. Just one moment of connection in eternity but very much enjoyed by me. Walking on I had the terrible feeling that I needed the toilet- this is not a good idea in these places, however if I was to continue the day I realised I would have to succumb to the ' public ' toilet.  Having prepared myself by putting on my face mask and taking some ' wet ones' with me I bravely sallied forth. On the way in I noticed a sign' long 10 rupees short 5 rupees'. Deciding I only needed a' short'  we had a moment of panic. Our smallest money was a 500 rupee !! Thankfully no one was on the door so I sculked in for a freebie. Oh the joys of having to squat whilst trying to keep your trouser legs off the floor and away from the flow !! Having sucessfully completed my mission, I came out and passed the baton to Dennis. Whilst he was enjoying the local facilities two dirty kids came up and demanded  5 rupees. OMG I thought how can I get out of this? They stood there with thier hands out so I gave them a wet one each and said back '5 rupees please'.  They then proceeded to copy me wiping their hands, the wet one was very dirty by the time they followed me onto thier faces, the boy screwing his nose up at the smell of the anti bac wet wipe !! I bet they have never been as clean as that since the day they were born. They continued to fleece me of wet wipes until Dennis reappeared.  There were a small selection of stalls and I couldnt resist a glow in the dark Buddha wall hanging. Perfect for the shed. Then onto the Buddha Garden which was much busier than yesterday, however I was able to get a good meditation whilst Dennis walked amongst a load of ladies from Sri Lanka, one of which gave him some nuts that were really hot !! What do we say about accepting sweets from strangers !! Suffice it to say he was eager to get back to where I was sitting for a good glug of water.   On the way back to the Rickshaw boys- we gave in because we were tired out and decided we enjoyed the experience yesterday. Tomorrow we head back for Kathmandu and a cooler climate. Hopefully no dreaded moozies !!

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