Friday, 10 February 2012

Wheres the time

Time is going so fast there seems to be no time. Isnt it strange ? My days seem full although I,m not working ( only Monday mornings). I am trying to get everything organised for Nepal. That includes sorting stuff this end too. And getting my hair done ( dyed). I know its going to be a last minute rush but heh no problem, stop moaning, at least I am able to do these things, I,m still here.
Keep getting energy surges that last for bit and then feel tired. So make the most of the surges !! My nails are very slowly getting back to normal although my fingers remain tingly and numb, same goes for my toes. I was very close to loosing my other big toe nail, but it seems to be growing normally now so hopefully it will stay attached until the loose bit grows out. The travellers cheques arrived today, so that caused a little excitement and am awaiting delivery of a netbook which will allow me to keep a journal on my travels and also hopefully will enable me to update my blog in internet cafe' s - that is if I can figure out how to ' connect'.
Am thinking of doing Tarot card readings for charity at a local event Easter Sunday, it would be good experience for me and I would only charge say £10. Thought I could raise some money for one of the centers that has helped me. Trouble is which one ?..

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