Sunday, 19 February 2012

Halfway There

Its 5 am our time and 8am in Doha. We had a good first flight and now waiting for flight to Kathmandu in about 1 hours time. We are knackered. I got about 10 mins on the plane and Dennis had about 20 mins just now. He has now got up and gone for a walk and missed the excitement about me connecting to the web and doing this, isnt technology amazing ?. The airport is really cosmopolitan with lots of Arab ladies in all thier gear looking very glam. I look like a sack of spuds !! Oh well, next time.  We just had a couple of coffee's that cost us £7, so not looking for a bar ( actually there isnt one- I think this is a dry country. Surrounded by Nepalese guys all looking very tired. But that will change when they call our flight as they suddenly get an adrenaline rush and push everyone out of the way in the stampede to board the plane !! I know I will be excited when I get to Kathmandu but right now I feel completely exhausted.......

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