Sunday, 6 May 2012

day 6

Today was the hardest so far. I was tired when I woke up. We had time for a quick swim and then off to see the male healer. On the way the traffic was backed up. The roads are very narrow and twisty so progress was slow. It turns out that the temple near the healer was celebrating its 210 day birthday, he said over 1.5 million people would go there over these few days. And as its the Buddha full moon, it was very popular. It the end we decided to walk the last half mile- it was all uphill. Then when we got to the healers we had to walk to his open air platform, again up hill. We sat and had lunch ( I find sitting on the floor difficult, and we do it A LOT). Then we did a chakra opening meditation which was very interesting. Then it was time to walk down to the river for the river Melukat. It was all downhill, but because it had just rained it was very slippery. I fell onto my butt twice. I should also say it was quite a trek. Then when we arrived we had to undress in the open air and put on our sarongs. Very funny as we have 2 gays and a very much male guy with us. I dont have a problem and just get on with it, but its funny watching people trying Mr Bean style to undress behide towels. Then came the shock, we had to climb bare foot over the river using rocks as stepping stones. Some were small and very slippery, some were large and quite a way apart. Either way it was a disaster for me, and my tender feet. Without the help of the healer, his daughter, Sampos and Dharma I would never had made it. After a series of prayers and blessings, we started the ceremony. We stood in a line in the water with a little reed basket full of flowers and a josh stick on our heads. We have to send all the stuff we wanted to let go of, but kept sticking to us, up into the basket. Then we had to push the basket off the back of our heads and without looking back and focussing our attention forward, we had to dive under the water and swim upstream. I actually enjoyed this part until the water became shallow and I had to pull myself upstream over rocks, slithering very unganly until we reached another deep pool. This one had a waterfall at the end. We had to dive one at a time into the water toward the waterfall. The healer grabbed us and helped us get in front of it. Then we had to put our heads into the flow of water for as long as we could,the flow was very strong and it was freezing. Then we had to cup our hands and drink 9 times. This was for abudance. Then over to a smaller waterfall to allow the water to run over our necks. Then whilst we waited for the others to do the same we had to be in the water upto our necks. Althought the outside temperature was about 26 c ( temp had dropped a little due to the rain) the water was apparently very cold. Everyone's teeth were chattering. I was nicely comfortable and couldnt understand why they were so cold ( weird eh ?) After that we scrambled over rocks until another deep spot. At this one we had to submerse ourselves as long as possible. The ones that didnt sink were gently pushed under by the healer. Im glad to say my lessons in the pool helped and I sunk. When I game back up I had to drink more water and float on my back facing the flow. Wearing a sarong for this sort of thing is a bit of a disaster as mine ended up round my waist. ( good thing I had bikini bottoms on eh?) . The healer looked onto my crown, laughed and said GOOD NOW OPEN. Thank Christ for that !! Then onto the spring. There was a rock under it and we had to kneel on the rock and stick our heads under this torrent 11 times. Then drink 11 times. Again I found this easy ( I know its hard to believe Dennis) Then another blessing in the water and then we scrabbled out. My feet were/ are so sore. Worse still we had to walk about a mile or so across paddy field boundaries onto the road. Where the minibus was waiting for us. So much for hospital telling me to take it easy for the next couple of years !!

Later, this evening we met yet another healer. This lady goes into trance and reads your energy. The hotel has its own temple which the local community uses. But tonight we had it to ourselves. Under the Mega Buddha Full Moon, she went into trance. When it was my turn she kept thumping her left breast. Ken had already told her of my problem on the right side. Then she spun round and grabbed me under the left breast and told me through Ken interperating that there was a problem, a tiny miniscule area of concern ( she kept tearing a flower petal, smaller and smaller) She said it was bad energy. Then she started hissing and trying to get through my clothes to my skin. I had tucked my blouse into my Sarong, so as she was not going to give up I pulled my shirt out of the Sarong and pulled it up. Exposing my flesh. She then dug her hands into the flesh under my left breast and emptied it into the holy water vessel her husband was holding. Then she hissed a lot more and seemed to spit something into the holy water. Hissing and spitting like a mad cat. Then she said she had removed the bad energy. She felt my right side was ok, but that I should take care and make sure I go for my scans and to keep checking that side. Her Husband said she had done this only a few times with people. But when she had removed this negative energy they were all OK. But to make sure I keep an eye on it.

Bloody Hell what a day. Thought I was going to break my neck at the river. Did not expect to undergo Physic surgery this evening. But you know what?- bring it on. I feel my body is so much lighter, although physically I am beginning to feel worn out. Onwards and Upwards !!

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