Friday, 4 May 2012

day 4

Today we had a quiet morning, which was good as we were all exhausted from the trance dancing late the night before. So this afternoon we were taken to a river shrine, were we met our male healer. It was a beautiful place, but as always shrines seem to be either very high up or very low down. This was low down so we had to walk down a lot of steps. At the bottom there was a stream that entered the river via a small cave causing a T junction. This configuration makes a sacred area. Just up from the 'T' was a line of 9 pipes sticking out from the rock and then 3 smaller ones coming from the rock around the shrine. The river was not very deep and we were asked to form a line opposite one another. Then starting with Emma we had to sit in the river whilst the healer put a small basket of offerings, including a josh stick on our heads. We had to intend that any things we no longer wanted or served us were to be sent to the basket. Then the healer gently pushed us backward into the water until we were completely under. the basket meantime floated off. Our job was to splash water after it to ensure it entered the main stream and floated off. Then we were turned around so that our heads enetered the little cave. The healer supported our necks whilst we floated and rubbed our crown chakras whilst praying. Then we each had to step under each pipe, from which the water fell quite violently, untill we finished at the 3 at the alter. I absolutely loved this ( I know Dennis, I used to be frightened of water). I could have stayed there all day. But we had another appointment with a different healer. This one was a very petite 26 yr old priestess. The story behide her is that she died about 7 years ago. Her body had been prepared for buriel but she suddenly came back to life. On her return she had been gifted with understanding of all the prayers and Mundras, and caused such a stir that the Balinese TV got involved. After a lot of tests carried out by the priesthood ( who really dislike young woman knowing more than them) it was widely acknowledged that she has some amazing abilities. When we met her she was praying and using Mundras. She looked ethereal. She then performed Melukat on us. This time we were standing whilst she knelt above us at the alter. The pour of water was continuos. This time I did not wail but stood there head held high and breathed in after each soaking and out during the water flow. The energy was amazing. I felt elated, in fact I laughed through some of it. ( My love of water is now becoming a little bizarre, I know) After we had changed we joined her on her verandah, where we meditated whilst she sung to us in Astral. A language from the Universe. The song was mesmerising and otherworldly. When she had finished she spoke about our relationship with the Universe. It was startling to realise her beliefs are very similar to mine. Then she suddenly started to talk to us about yoga. She is getting instruction from the Universe on how to use yoga to improve the energy within our bodies. Suddenly I understood why today had been difficult for Karen. Karen is training to become a Yoga teacher and this afternoon was her time. Dont get me wrong. We all gained a lot from this experience, but I believe this one was specifically for Karen, to help her on her journey. It did certainly inspire her, she was very animated about it afterwards as she too had seen the connection. Unfortunately when we got back to the hotel she was sick ( purging, healing crisis ?) and went straight to bed. I believe she will wake up refreshed and inspired in the morning.

Tomorrow we have another ceremony in the afternoon in preparation for the full moon, then back to our lady for trance dance, then to an evening fire ceremony. After this we will transfer to another hotel. This will be another late nite, so I may not get the opportunity to update my blog until the day after. Namaste

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