Thursday, 10 May 2012

day 10

What a night. After a mornings shopping and an afternoon swim, we went back to the Ashram for the regular Thursday night trance dance. As we were sitting around waiting for it to begin, the healer came over to me. I was sitting apart from the others as I get to use a stool. When we came over she started speaking to me in Balinese as usual. With a few English words thrown in. Tonight she asked if I was happy. I said yes of course. Then I was aware that she was pinching my right arm. Really small pinches, I couldnt really feel the first one because my arm is still numb right at the back. But as she came down my arm it got more and more painful. Tiny little pinches. I couldnt quite understand what she was doing but she kept smiling at me as she did it, I realised this was some kind of energy work and just went with it. Then the night began. Firstly we had the pleasure of watching three young girls dance the ' golden deer dance'. They were amazing, the facial expressions and the golden coloured costums were exceptional. Then came the dance of the Angels and it was our turn. All the village girls started to twirl and prance around. It became quite intense as everyone started to bump into one another. When the music stopped they all collasped at once onto the floor. It was very dramatic. Then the Hanuman dance- mostly guys, although there were a couple of girls, all start to leap around and make Donald Duck noises, like monkeys. Then the Durga dance where she makes a point of getting Emma onto the floor. Then Ratunia came in. We were all summoned to the front to sit with her. She laughed and joked with Ken and gave more instructions regarding building work around the Ashram. All the while chewing tobacco. Then she asked for a cigarette took a puff, and you guessed it, said I was to have it. All the villagers laughed as I was handed the cigarette. Then she turned to me, put her hand on Kens head and started singing. As she was singing her other hand touched my right breast and then held onto my right arm. Although her eyes were closed she was ' looking' straight at me. I felt nausous, but also elated. Something inside me stirred like an ancient memory. I felt it was just me and her smoking something noxious and heady inside a smoky tent, eons ago. Although I couldnt understand the words, I somehow understood. I felt light and peaceful. Then it was over. Later Ken explained we had all received a very special blessing from Ratunia.

Then prayers and the usual prayer ceremony finishing with Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om. After a short break the dancing continued. This time she pulled me to the front to join the children and the Golden Deer Dances, in front of the Altar. I have noticed that she recently has made a point of putting me there. Luckily everyone else joined in so no-one noticed the clumsy dancer at the front. The energy was so strong . It felt so fresh, maybe thats why she wanted me there, or maybe my energy added something to the kids, anyhow several of them collasped to the floor, including the Golden Deer. They were all perfectly fine I should add. There is a small group of girls, late teens maybe early twenties who regress back into children. They are so funny to watch as they stomp around pulling faces, crying and playing with one another. Everyone laughs at them. Karen bought whistles last week and the guardian kept blowing one. Everytime he did this it set all the girls off, behaving like angry toddlers, it had everyone in stitches. Such fun. Then it was time for the fishing song, in this one some of the girls turn into mermaids and have to be given water. The rest all sway around the room, men, women and children all singing together. One little boy leads with a fishing rod, one woman carries a basket on her head. The men wear conical hats, they circle round the room, all singing and dancing in trance, wonderful. Then a blessing and time to leave, at nearly midnight. This was sad as this was our last time at the Ashram. Then Ken annouced he was paying for a bus for 45 of them to join us at a temple near the beach on Saturday night to join us in one last trance dance. Fantastic. Everyone said goodnight to us as we were leaving, they welcome us so easily into their ceremonies. They join in with us, laugh with us, and treat us like one of the family. How good is that?

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