Thursday, 3 May 2012

day 3

Wow what a day!! Had a couple of hours this morning around town to do a bit of shopping which is great, except I need a container so that I can fill it with 6 ' high Ganeshe, Buddha Shiva etc. Then another swim underwater. Then off with Ken for lunch and then we visited an ancient temple to Ganeshe. Again it was an outdoor temple that is still in use, set amongst paddy fields surrounded by palm trees, beautiful. We said prayers and made offerings to Ganeshe. Then into the mini bus and to another outdoor temple where we met our healer lady and several of her ' congregation'. I perhaps should say at this point that I have made a promse not to print any of the healers names. This is because following the film ' eat,pray, love' several of the healers involved in the film were inundated with westerners looking for that quick fix. This brought with it great wealth. But the healers believe that too much wealth depletes their healing abilities, and so restrict the number of westerners they treat. And therefore keep thier energies clean and intact.

At the temple offerings and prayers were made firstly to the water gods, then to the various gods that guard the temple at their various alters. Then we all have to climb some very steep steps barefooted, the top of which Karen reached first only to be confronted by a huge monitor lizard crossing the path. Once there we again made offerings and said prayers. Then the lady healer and a couple of her attendants entered a small cave by the side of the Altar. Suddenly one of them, a lady, came out with a handful of lighted joshsticks, put the joshsticks lighted end first into her mouth. Bit the ends off and swallowed them. With that she sat on the ground in trance. Then one of the lady healers temple guardians became ' Hanuman, the monkey god' and came through us to join her in the cave. Then she started to trance and became quite upset and began talking. We couldnt understand her, but it was obvious it was not Ratunia coming through. All her attendants went in to help her and we later found out that she had channelled an even earlier ancestor. This one had foretold of a great change in the energy. The new energy was red and would be a creative energy of change for all of us. It was amazing to witness this. By now Hanuman was given an apple to eat and was learing around at us. It was slighlty disturbing to look at him because he really did look and act like a monkey. A very large one. Then one of the attendants flung holy water on him and he became himself again and sat down amongst us. Then up more steps to the very top of the temple where we once again prayed and gave offerings.

By now time was moving on and we left there to go back to the Ashram to attend the regular Thursday night get together. As normal we began with trance dance, except where there is normally us five girls plus Ken, Dharma and Sampos, tonight the whole village seemed to be there. This was the dance of the angels, so was just for the girls. Dancing became weirder still as this time we all kept bumping into one another( as you dance with your eyes closed). Villagers started to trance as the healer moved amongst us blowing onto us. One by one they collasped onto the floor or started shouting and waving their arms. Then the dance finished, we were all doused with holy water and everyone sat down. Then the Hanuman music began and 3 guys rushed onto the floor and morphed into monkeys, picking up on the energy. I should say that Hanuman is revered in Hinduism as a loyal guardian, so he's quite an important, if not highly amusing kind of god to watch.

Then the healer announced that she wanted to dance just with us and it was to be a dance of abundance. As the music started she came into the middle of us and we all started to dance. As the dance went on she touched me, firstly we linked hands ( which is something we always seem to do) then I felt her brush over my right breast and then over my left hip and she moved onto one of the others. It felt so natural the 6 of us dancing with our eyes closed and all the village watching. How far we have come from that first day when we all felt so self conscious.

After this the music was for Durga and men and woman got onto the floor. The healer was keen that Emma joined in, but the rest of us were allowed to rest and watch. It was quite somthing to watch shy Emma dance on her own with the villages unself-consciously as the energy moved her in a slightly agressive manor.

By now it was clear that the healer was beginning to trance and very soon Rotunia came through. They got her walking stick and chair and sat her down. She was attended by Ken, Dharma and about 3 other guys from the village. As she started to chew tobacco I became aware of Emma acting strangely. She sat on the floor looking over her shoulder outside the Ashram. Paula and I had seen this yesterday, just before she became Rotunia. We moved in closer just in case she collasped when one of the attendants noticed and sent Dharma over to get her. He dragged her across the floor to join the others. When she got to Rotunia she buried her head into her lap. The healer said something that got all the villagers laughing. We later found out that she was saying this young blonde woman from halfway around the world was a younger version of Rotunia and that she obviously wanted to do the healing. So she called Paula to join them and Emma put her hands onto Paula's head and onto the head of a villager that also wanted healing. It was fascinating. Them she annouced that she wanted her smoking partner and before I knew it I was smoking a cigerette she had lit and joined the party. The villagers eyes were out on stalks as this is apparently not something that ever happens. Emma continued her healing with me and the attendants and Rotunia looking on!

After this we danced some more. Our favourite is the 'Buddha song' Om Mani Padme Hum, the exact same one as we all got from Nepal the first time. I have to say by this time I was nearly going, but I managed to hold on.

My what a night, such scary happy times. Everyone is so joyful. Some of the young village women became like children stamping their feet and shouting. Whilst an older woman became a horse and galloped round the Ashram with another womens hands on her shoulders. They fed her grass. No one minded, no one judged, everybody kept on dancing with their eyes closed, and the healer walked amongst us moving the energy. It felt at times as though we were creating the Universe with our movement, each working the energy in their own way, men, women and children all working together for the greater good of all. Can you imagine how wonderful this would be, if in our cities, towns and villagers everyone got together once a week, whole families and communities and danced with the Universal life force??

And tomorrow we have another Melukat and then on to meet another healer, this one brings energies in from Sirius A and talks in Astral. Cant quite believe how natural this has all become, it as though we do this everyday. Well I suppose we do, for the moment .....

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