Sunday, 13 May 2012

day 13

So nice to have a restful day at last. However how typical is it that the weather turned mid afternoon. So sunbathing was cut short. It was still really hot although it started to rain a little bit. So we decided this would be a good time to do a tarot card reading. We all had a good laugh over them whilst lounging on the day beds in our upstairs area. Then it was time for our 4th Melakat with the male healer. This one was exactly like the first one we had ( when I wailed) I got pretty nervious waiting my turn. However when it came I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. No wailing, in fact though almost drowning I found myself smiling throughout, in a weird cheesy kind of way. But before he started it he put his index finger straight into my right breast and Ken told me he had said that the pathology of that area was clear. Which was good to hear.

We had a two hour break and then we went into the hotels Ashram where he was waiting for us. The final ceremony of the trip was for him to channel the Naga energy. Naga's are guardians of the earth and live deep within it. They are known for there abililty to remove ' that which no longer serves 'from the body. This small gentle quiet man turned very quickly into an incense bundle eating, manic, monstrous, frightening spirit. As he was stomping round and looking at all of us, he gaze turned directly to me, his bloodshot eyes looked right through me. Suddenly he ran straight at me. He knocked me off my feet as Dharma, Ken and Samphos all rushed to catch me. Then as they put me on the floor, he jumped on top of me and started to bite my right breast. It was painful and so frightening. But we had been prepared for this before hand and I remembered not to fight him but to surrender and allow the Naga to feed on the stuff that no longer served me. He ate all over my right breast and up into my collarbone and neck. When he at last finished my blouse was all undone and covered in black ash from the josh sticks, as was my bra. I got back to my feet, glad that it was all over, and he ran around the room, looking at the others. Then suddenly he rushed at me again knocking me to the floor. This time he bit my right breast then went over to my left side, beneath my left breast. To the area that the other lady healer focussed on a few nights ago. Again he bit at that area, as I tried really hard not to resist but to allow the Naga to do his work. Then he was finished with me. I was able to watch as one by one he picked on the other girls. Mainly biting them in the stomach area, but sometimes also going into the back. I was so thankful he choose me first, because I dont think I would have been able to stand and witness what was happening, knowing it would be my turn soon. It was really dramatic, frightening and inspiring to watch the Naga at work.

We had dinner together and an in- depth long conversation on judgement and Karma. I find it interesting how most poeple judge themselves and then believe that is how other people see them. They put themselves into a cage and fool themselves that other poeple's judgements have put them there. I would call that ' being anal' Or more bluntly, sticking their heads up their own bums. Mostly they just like being a victim and blaming other people.

Ah well thats it. Our journey has almost ended. It certainly is the end of all our experiences. Tomorrow I am having a day on the beach and beside the pool. I have booked in for a facial and pedicure at the hotel spa. Then on Tuesday back to Ubud for a final day before our flight back home. I have not written in depth about my spiritual experiences as I have preferred to wait until the entire trip had completed. All I can say at this point is that it has been completely challenging, but I would not have missed it for the world....

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