Tuesday, 8 May 2012

day 7

We had a lazy morning, then off to the lady healer for more trance dance. Its amazing how we can all now go there and feel completely relaxed and able to dance freely. Emma had asked for an exorcism so after the dancing we went down to the ancestors altar. She asked Emma to lie on the floor and put one of her feet on Emma's right leg, just above the ankle. Emma yelped in pain. That meant there was an entity inside her. The healer carried on working on Emma's leg with her foot. She told Emma to help her push it out. From somewhere inside Emma this growling wail came out, and more and more as she writhed on the ground.   Then she somehow got Ken to take the entity into his body and purge it out. Then Ken and Dharma  helped Emma to her feet and took her to the front of the Altar. There she said she would top up Emma's energy. Which she did and Durga came forth. Emma's tongue came right out of her mouth and rested on her chin. It was amazing to see this and interesting in that Emma had been complaining of pain in that leg when she went into trance. Now she says it has gone. The healer said the entity was a small redheaded girl with freckles. She said she was crazy ! The rest of us are being tested in a couple of days time. Shall keep you posted.

Then back into the minibus to drive over to the youngest of our lady healers. We had another Melukat, this time I had mine with Emma and we howled with laughter all the way through it ( and when I say howled, I mean howled !!) The healers uncle was there too. His energy was very strong and when we we meditating to her singing he came around all of us and put his fingers above and below our third eye. When he did it to me I thought he just put one finger on my third eye. Anyhow it felt as though his finger actually entered my third eye, like a finger going into Butter. Then an explosion of colour in my third eye. Then he and Dharma helped me lay down. I thought I could feel something happening above me, but the singing is so ethereal that you just feel mesmerised. Dharma later told me that the Uncle had worked on me after they laid me down because he could feel I had not been well. He asked Dharma what it was. Dharma told him and he worked on me for quite a while. I know when I 'came to' I felt so peaceful and calm. Then back to our hotel for dinner. As we have most of tomorrow off we got out our bottles of wine and Vodka and imbibed. Later when I got back to my room I was able to skype Dennis. How surreal is that?? Here I am halfway round the world and on my little netbook I am able to see Dennis and my cats, back home in my kitchen ??...

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