Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Stormy Weather

What a night, the wind and rain was howling around us. I got up at 4 am as something was crashing and banging, couldnt see what it was and went back to bed. Couldnt get back to sleep so did my usual Reiki stuff, sending healing to my friends and animals and to the Universe, and receiving it back.  Now this morning I feel really tired.  Just lack of sleep though, nothing else.
I need to get my hair cut, sounds a strange thing to say, but its gone all fuzzy and kinky and I cant do a thing with it, so that needs to be arranged today!! As its raining and we are both off we have decided to go out for lunch as a treat, which will be good, except I need a hat to cover my wierd hairdo !!!
Looking at the Stats for this blog I am amazed at the number of poeple who are reading it and where they come from. USA, Russia, India, Hong Kong, Latvia , all over. How did you find me?? I would love to know, come on, add a comment. Let me know a little about you. It would be great to get some feedback.

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