Saturday, 31 March 2012

Whew what a week !

Goodness this week has flown by. It started last weekend when Emma and Suz stayed and I attuned them to Reiki 2. It was so good to have time with them both and it was a milestone really. You see we had decided to do this last year around the same time, but events overtook me and I really was not in a good place energetically so I had to call it off. It was so meaniful for me to at last share this with my friends.And of course we had a good catch up.  We had loads of laughs, a couple of tears and a good meal with Sue in Cleethorpes on the Saturday night.We each had so many different experiences to share. And Emma was able to tell me more about Bali.  Actually I have decided that Bali will be a good place to leave the big 'C' behind. I am hoping that Bali will give me the opportunity to completely cleanse and refresh my spirit and exercise any bad stuff left in me, especially from last year. And I intend to take a token from my treatment with me and I'm either going to burn it or bury it. Either way I am leaving it there. It is not coming home with me. Job done!
Then a weird thing happened. I have been wanting to try past life regression. And was told that a guy called Peter Wall is very good. The lady that told me led me to believe he was from Hull. And I have been googling him to no avail. Then last week Dennis brought home a leaflet advertising a MBS fair in York. When I read down the list of speakers, there he was. He's from Barnsley, thats why I couldnt find him!
I rang him in the week and arranged a meeting he gave me directions, told me that he would do 2 regressions and it would be taped, that was all we said. Then as I was saying goodbye, he said, ' You know Simon Goodfellow dont you'?  I said' yes - how do you know that'? . He laughed and said' I'm pyshic.' How odd, how would he know that?? Am looking forward to the meeting even more now !!
On Thursday I got my new tattoo, its a Lotus flower ( very symbolic in both buddhism and hinduism). I went to the same guy that did my Om. The first thing he said was ' now thats what I call a real Lotus'. When I told him where I got the design from- the Yogi temple at Menri. He told me he was into Buddhism and had read a bit about it, so we were so busy talking I hardly felt a thing. You see the Universe is still sending me signs confirming I am on the correct path. Then I downloaded a free book onto my Kindle that confirms all the theories I had been discussing with the girls last weekend. Wow.

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