Saturday, 17 March 2012

Still in Menri

Today I am printing off my Reiki second degree manuals after revising them, ready for next weekend when my two great friends shall be staying here and I shall feel very priviledged to give to them the Reiki attunement. It will be a lovely weekend, lots of laughs and catching up to do.  Its been really good to read up and revise some Reiki stuff, I rediscovered a great meditation that I had forgotten about, centered around 'Om' of course. I shall retreat to my shed this afternoon to do this meditation.
Have been dreaming a lot since we got back from Nepal. Mostly my dreams feature Menri Monestary and the monks. All really peaceful and when I wake up, just for a second I believe I am still there. Its a wonderful feeling, in fact I do feel that I have had a spiritual top up, and its still going on.
We have booked another holiday, this time to Casablanca. We are going to be there for my birthday in June. I am really looking forward to that. But in the meantime I have been trying to prepare for Bali by buying some nice easy going Kaftans and Harem pants, all a bit hippy I,m glad to say. And of course they will be fine for Casablanca too. My nails are almost back to normal and my hair is almost an inch long- and kinky !! Its weird, Ive always had straight hair, however I have been told it will return to normal eventually. So I have decided to embrace the curliness and make the most of it!! anyhow back to my Reiki preparations ......

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