Friday, 9 March 2012

Weird Stuff

I said I would go through some of the weird things that happened, well here goes. We kept loosing things and they kept reappearing a few days later. Not important things, but things like the electric plug adapter. We got to Delhi and couldnt find it. We emptied the suitcase ( both of us- twice ) and Dennis went out a bought a couple more. Two days later I opened the case and there on top of the clothes was the original adaptor. I lost my little stone buddha. It was in my travel bag and it disappeared - we both emptied the bag to look for it. It was definitely not there. Then a few days later I put my hand into my bag to get something out and it literally dropped into my hand!! This happened with Dens throat sweets, our emergency supplies of flapjacks and a couple of other things. Even Dennis began to get freaked. Then it was my belief that doors that had been opened last time were definitely closed on this trip. We couldnt get into a lot of the temples that we were at last time, it even looked at one time as though we couldnt get into Menri.  Ani was not at the Tara school but back at Boudha which we had just left.  It was as though the Universe was telling me to get on with things and stop looking back. That was how it appeared to me anyhow. Then  synchronicity, in Shimla I bought a few books on Hinduism, one of them on Sri Ravi Shanker and his breath of life. We then came across an advert in a shop window advertising his teaching !!  The American lady staying at Menri knew Chongtul, Cathy and Karen Williams.  How unlikely was that ??
We also both experienced weird dreams all the time. Mine were having conversations with people and giving advice and handing out crystals !! Om kept appearing everywhere, I kept buying Ganashe's again, then found out from my new book on Hinduism bought in Shilma that Ganashe is the manifestation of OM !! MAD

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