Friday, 2 March 2012

Back on form

Feeling much better today. Had a good walk around Shimla this morning,found a Hindu temple dedicated to the goddess Kali, an avatar of Vishnu. They were having a service so couldnt see much as it was pretty crowded and noisy with clapping and drumming.  Then we walked upto the church, which is so English, and typically no one was in it, and there was a big sign saying silence. How far apart are those two worlds Then a little rest over lunch and back out for some shopping this afternoon. We wandered off the main shopping street and into the side streets, they were crowded with locals and suffice it to say we were the only white faces. The sights and smells were amazing.  The Sari shops were something else. Then we found a bookshop and bought a couple of books. One on Hindu Mythology and another on Sri Sri Ravi Shanker and his Art of Living Foundation. Am now thinking I would love to go to his school in Bangalore and study Pranayama; the breath of life.  We are enjoying India. Its much cleaner than Nepal and more prosperous. However I cant say Ive felt much spiritually. But we have both agreed we would like to come back for a longer stay. So Bangalore might not be out of the question. Have purchased a really nice Ganeshe and a Ganeshe picture, and a couple of Om things of course, so shed will have a load more stuff when I get back.
Still dont know if we are able to stay at Menri. Have emailed Chongtul but not heard anything. So we have agreed with Chhewang that we will go straight to Menri tomorrow and find out whats happening. If we cant stay there we will stay in Solan and get a taxi over on Sunday for the Mask dance. Dennis has been on the internet and told Chhewang what hotel we want to stay at if we cant stay at Menri. This is to ensure we get a good hotel and to avoid arousing the Diva in me.
Cant believe we only have 4 days left, its gone so quickly. And these days will fly by especially as we have a 5 hour drive back to Delhi from Solan. Then 1 night in Delhi before we catch early plane back to Kathmandu for our final night. Then thats it- all over

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