Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Normal day

Been quite busy this morning in the garden. We have trimmed the hedges and a couple of trees that needed doing. I have also planted some pansies and primroses. We worked quite hard and at the end I still felt I had energy left. This is amazing. It may not sound like much but its quite a change for only a short time ago. Although I felt my energy levels were ok, I could not have held the hedge trimmer let alone cut anything with it !!  Its so good to be able to do these things once more.
Then off to the Oddyssey center for a Reiki session with David. We had loads to catch up with first, like details of our holiday, which now seems such a long time ago. Yet its not even a week !!
I had a great Reiki treatment. I relaxed into the couch and went down deep very quickly. I think I even dosed off. But whilst I was having it I saw his Holiness and he smiled at me. It was a really benevolent smile, it felt good.  Maybe I crossed his mind temporarily- who's to say ?
Anyhow a busy week, then Den's down to Norfolk to see his Mum for Mothers day. Next week I will have Suzi and Emma here for a Reiki 2 attunement. Cant wait ...

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