Tuesday, 27 March 2012

At the Hospital

Had a good meeting with Jenny Smith, my consultant on Friday. She examined me and said she knew I had a secret to my good skin, how did I keep it so well. All my scars are healing really good and the skin itself is really soft. What did I use on it ?? So I had to fez up and tell her it was my Sunbeds and my Collagen bed !! She really didnt know what to say ! She also said I was the most positive person she had ever had in her treatment room. She asked me why that was? I didnt like to tell her that even 6 years ago I would have been a quaking wreck. The answer ?  My spirituality of course. I told her that my beliefs and my interest in spirituality and meditation are what got me through. Now I know what it means to have 'faith'. I just wish I had it years ago, then perhaps I might never have succumbed to the big one. Although however I think this was my fate. I had a very important lesson to learn and Boy have I learnt it. My life has changed big time. I dont suppose I would ever have been going to Bali or done a lot of other stuff were it not for this.  I have said before how someting life limiting can give you liberation and its true. So true. I am no longer confined to worrying about a poor old age or being alone. My priorities are much more in the now, about enjoying every moment. Its great. Ifs theres one think I can help you with its just that. Live in the moment. Enjoy every minute. Feel the power of now....

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