Thursday, 5 April 2012


I am bored, I have loads to do but no inclination to do anything, just feel really lazy. Cant even go for a walk because I,m waiting for a delivery.  At least the weather is better today, the sun is shining.  I think I'm just counting down to Bali. After this weekend I will be busy doing stuff and then before I know it I shall be sitting in Bali having freezing cold water poured over my head in an effort to open my Crown Chakra. Thing is my crown opens as soon as I start meditating so I dont think I need cold water to get me started, however I dont somehow think it will get me out of it. So I shall embrace it as part of the experience. Shall endeavour to get photo's taken at the appropriate time so that I may share the experience with you.  Still need to go shopping for white blouse's that I shall need for the Temple ceremony and  sun tan lotions, but thats on my list for next week.   So still bored.
Thats my delivery turned up. I am now free to leave the house. Shall get dressed and go out for a walk and enjoy the sunshine. Then have a potter around the garden and spend a couple of hours in my shed reading. See suddenly everythings changed. I dont have to be tied down waiting for something. Just proves I am a free spirit I suppose...

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